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Virtualization Project

Dan Gillman - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Administrator at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees
7000 people affected
40 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

To provide redundancy and increase speed for all levels of services BIS Computer Solution provides to its clients. This must include Front-end servers, Application and Backend Servers and all Oracle Database Servers. In addition to that, we must provide a manageable solution that can be monitored and maintenance performed without suffering downtime. Disaster Recovery is our other challenge and must be in-place, fast to execute, and seamless to the client.These are the most important aspects of a robust Service as Solution environment and have become crucial for BIS to survive in a marketplace that is becoming overwhelmed in Service as Solution vendors or better known as “SAS providers”.

Lessons Learned

Purchase of equipment was done properly and when compared to Something like an Oracle ODA solution it was about Identical in speed and redundancy. However a larger SAN central storage with a redundant SAN in Active - Passive configuration would of been a time saving purchase and allowed less granular management of space consumed. Also Disaster recovery has proven to be a challenge and not budgeted properly and is still causing some management headache of space allocation. Also More SSD drives for Caching and Log File storage is being requested and should of been part of the original plan. This is an Oracle need and although not causing a problem will cause additional man hours to reconfigure.


Support from colleagues


Management had to be convinced
Steep learning curve
Large no. of people impacted
Windows Server 2003

Products Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Engineering
  • Network Design
  • Network Administration


  • La Crescenta-Montrose (CA-US)34.2322-118.235