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Which Would You Recommend to Your Boss? Appian BPM or IBM BPM?

Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Appian BPM vs IBM BPM

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

Which of these two solutions would you recommend for Business Process Management? Why?

Thanks for helping your peers make the best decision!


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1717 Answers

it_user629871 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Both are good
But Appian BPM may have an edge from an agile development perspective
IBM BPM may have an edge from robust workflow perspective

it_user401757 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would recommend Appian here in place of IBM BPM. There are many comparison points and which you can get it from Appian itself but the major point is cloud-based and easy to configure.
Presently it's hardly a difference between a business or functional person and developer. Also, the application is made in such a way that all kind of people can use this without knowing much on technical side.
As Appian already providing application by hiding the servers, installation, management part mostly which is coming into platform management and biggest issue with a customer.
Handling all your requirements directly into the application and doing configuration changes which provides all kind of independence to business and functional owners to satisfy the end users as much as possible.

I don't degrade IBM BPM here but I feel Appian has little edge over IBM now hence recommend Appian here.

Mario Treviño Salazar - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hello. I think both are very good products.
I was reviewing Appian BPM and I was surprised that it's very easy to deploy anyhing in a tablet or smartphone without effort.
Appian licenses schema it's very simple, so don't worry, any of the alternatives will be a good option.
My opinion is that you review your requirements and compare it with the tool characteristics to see that it accomplishes what you need.
Other think ask them who can use the designer tools, some tools like for example Oracle BPM are very complex to be used for a final users, you need an expert to the design the processes.

I hope that it helps.

it_user209499 - PeerSpot reviewer

Given the choice between those 2 i would choose IBM BPM. It is important to note though that neither actually do the P in BPM. Process is imperative to understanding your Business Model and knowing which processes are candidates for Automation. A true BPM like iGrafx will allow you to understand your business holistically and not only define your process, but understand its relationship to your corporate strategies, goals, risks, controls, resources, and performance. IBM is more open to receiving files from and working with true Business Process Modeling tools and partners to import that process information into their Automation engine.

it_user817074 - PeerSpot reviewer

Those tools cannot be compared. Mega has lead the way in Business Process Analysis and Enterprise Architecture tools while Appian is the innovation leader in Business Process Management in the execution and management of enterprise processes. 
EA (including BPA) and BPM tools have totally different objectives, audience, coverage but can be linked.
What an EA tool (MEGA) that a BPM tool cannot do ?
Holistically covers all Enterprise architecture aspects (which includes BPA), treating processes also from the top down, but covers as well the functional side (business strategy, business functions), and applicative side (IT).
What an BPM tool (Appian) that an EA tool cannot do ?
Execute the designed process & workflow (and all activities around it such as performance & metrics follow up)

it_user4119 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Hello, I have worked on both products and other products in BPM. Also I did an evaluation for 2 products, as a technical consultant and as business and managerial. both products are good, but Appian is better than IBM BPM, because Appian is a simple as a deployment and development rather than IBM and no need an advance technical ground expertise rather than IBM BPM.

it_user408669 - PeerSpot reviewer

The best way to find out which is the best tool, is identifying the problem you want to solve. Under the BPM paradigm you have plenty of tools. Some are "enterprise", some are not. But most important, some are document oriented, other are people oriented and other are system oriented.

In sum, you should choose your BPM based on your needs, not on BPM's features.

Hope this helps !

it_user642696 - PeerSpot reviewer

I think, there is no easy answer to make a sound selection, or even more, there is no way to select any tool unless some previous definitions are clear. In Business Process Management, as in any initiative, the objectives or goals you expect to accomplish must be clear and well stated. If you don´t know where you´re going you can take whatever road. Only the systematic and rigorous decomposition of the business objectives in the specific objectives that compose them, up to a level of detail that allows mapping each detailed objective with a specific functionality, allows discriminating which tool best fits your needs.

On the other side, you must also detect you restrictions such as budget, integration requirements with legacy IT architecture and systems, available knowledge, internal policies or rules, or any other issue that has an effect in your decision.

There is no silver bullet or shortcut: you must complete context analysis and goal definition stages before you can even think in choosing the right tool

it_user784371 - PeerSpot reviewer

Thank you for your question. Selection of a BPMS product should be done very carefully. The selection process itself may take considerable time as it will be a significant investment.

You need to ask yourself questions like:

* What goal do I want to achieve
* What is my organizations IT maturity?
* How many processes would I like to model?
* Will I have to train my IT staff?
* What functionalities would I need?
* How does my IT landscape look like?
* What is the expected lifecycle of the BPM-product
* What is my budget?
* …

Further, I am curious why you have narrowed down your shortlist to just Appian and IBM?
And what about other What about PegaSystems, Tibco, Oracle, Open Source …

You would need to list all criteria and assess the products on those criteria. For one organization IBM would be the best fit, for another Pega Systems.

Hence: Without any information, it is not possible to provide you an answer to this question.

it_user126492 - PeerSpot reviewer

I have very limited experience with IBM BPM. I am a little bit more familiar with AppianBPM. My former employer T-Home Macedonia (Subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG) decided to use Appian BPM, and automate HRprocesses.  The implementation took a lot of time and effort, especiallyif you consider that HR processes are not so complicated (for me).  In 2009, when Ihave made decision which tool should I use, I have decided to use Bizagi BPMSuite.  The main reason, was a Bizagi datamodel. I am still using Bizagi, for process automation, and I will do it in thefuture. If you need fast development, easy tool for modifications,… before tomake the final decision, try Bizagi. ( regards,Goran

it_user107589 - PeerSpot reviewer

My most recent assessments of these two offerings are about five years out of date. At the time, I would have chosen Appian. Especially if the application was related to the federal government (their primary target). IBM was a loose collection of many acquired companies. Presumably, their integration has improved over time. Installing and set-up were very complicated and involved many IBM products and services. Appian was more integrated and self-contained.

it_user353181 - PeerSpot reviewer

I will strongly recommend to you Axway BPM.

Have you heard from them?

If you need further information, please let me know.

it_user401343 - PeerSpot reviewer

Full disclosure, I work for Pegasystems and therefore want to bring your attention to Pega as your solution for BPM, Case Management, and so much more. Pega is the only platform that provides the aforementioned features plus robust Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation all within the same product. The analysts have ranked Pega as the top BPM (now often called Digital Process Automation or DPA) for years. Some info here:

it_user406425 - PeerSpot reviewer


Nowadays, I have used ARIS BPM in most of the projects I participate in.
I have never worked with Appian BPM. So I can not comment on a
comparison between these two solutions (Appian BPM and IBM BPM).

it_user539820 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would recommend Agiloft BPM.

it_user647055 - PeerSpot reviewer

Depends on your requirements. Generally I prefer tools, which can be used in both departements: Business / Developments. And I rather use a BPMP tool with enginee. That means the whole team (Business / BA) dessigns the process togeather and the designed process can be run without codinggg.

But as I said: It depends on your requirements/expectations.

it_user542286 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would say Appian BPM. I have selected this platform 1.5 years ago and I am so glad we made this choice. Great technology, great roadmap and great people to work with.

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