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Which would you recommend to a colleague, Katalon Studio or Ranorex?

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Katalon Studio vs Ranorex.

One user says about Katalon Studio, "The web recording feature is amazing and helpful in capturing test steps as a user interacts on websites."

Another user says about Ranorex, "It has reduced the cost of production and operations. It has reduced the cost of QA in my company while reducing the human resources needed. The tool is very easy to use."

In your experience, which is better and why?

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77 Answers

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Katalon Studio is much better as it is open source and based on Selenium. So it gives you the power of designing your customized solutions.

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In case if its a Web application and also if you are having many freshers in your team, Katalon is the ideal tool. Yes we have couple of challenges when its comes to React js UI automation

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Ranorex as we are facing challenges in Katalon.

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My vote is for Katalon compared with Ranorex. As Katalon is open source and you can do a combination of service and UI testing. The UI looks pretty good (even if its open source). It will be simple and good to use.

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Katalon isn’t a real competitor in the market being opensource but here is the info which I’ve listed below based on my experience.

· No desktop test support (theoretically through the WinAppDriver)
· Clumsy UX
· Takes a while to get into the tool
· Everything is table based (This is confusing)
· Really long XPaths
· Spy "complicated" (unusable)
· Shadow DOM support
· No remote test execution viewing possibility
· Very few information in the report – mostly just failed/passed
· Limited Integrations
· Generated code is not good
· No "direct" iOS testing from windows – but works through Kobiton devices.

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Real User

I’m sorry but I use TestComplete tool.

I checked the automation tools Katalon, Ranorex and the others.

But there have some problems.

For example, Katalon is useful in web application only.

Ranorex is very cheap but the features are too hard.

TestComplete is a little expensive but the function is good and the usability is excellent.

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We're a little biased towards AscentialTest ;-)

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