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What is the biggest difference between AirMagnet Survey and Ekahau Site Survey?

Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is AirMagnet Survey vs Ekahau Site Survey.

One of the users on our site says about AirMagnet Survey, " [It] Provides a visual tool that we can show our clients that the wireless is either working or not working in an area.

Another user says about Ekahau Site Survey, "Planning design allows us to provide faster quotes to the customer."

In your opinion, which is better and why?



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Mohammad Katmawi - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Ekahau is much better than Airmagnet by now. Ekahau team keeps enhancing features and GUI interface. The software is providing more detailed view and is more easier to control and to collect data. Support is strong and they have always new webinars and training.

Cisco and Aruba are recommending Ekahau since few years now.

UsaidRashid - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I think Ekahau Site Survey is far better than Air magnet. It is easy to plan and have more options to do a survey than Air Magnet.

it_user834570 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I haven't used Airmagnet but I've been using Ekahau Site Survey since 2010.
The lattest it's one of my all time favorite tools. I love the Ekahau Side Kick. Reliable, easy to use, helped solved dozens of customer problems by showing what was happening in the RF.
Almost all of my designs are made with the planner.
Plus, the tech support is great. They answer in less than an hour and usually solve the problem at the first contact.

it_user670356 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We are using Ekahau Pro with sidekick solution daily. Ekahau is all-in-one. We migrate completely from AirMagnet around 1y ago and it was best what we did.. Netscout said once on the corporate meetings that they not gonna develop further AirMagnet because is not there business target, so we didn’t have a choice. We hold around 10 active Ekahau license and we have the best support ever from them. They develop products continuously and deliver fast update and bug fix. Btw, is more efficient and the interface is more friendly:-)

Terry Sawchuk - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

A question that will go on for quite some time.
Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses and it come down to user preference and budget.
With the introduction of the new Ekahau Sidekick I believe that Ekahau will have the edge.
I am fortunate to use both and I do have a preference for using Ekahau for predictive modelling and I prefer AirMagnet for the actual surveys. Perhaps if I invest in obtaining the Sidekick it may prove itself and my full migration away from AirMagnet.

it_user742974 - PeerSpot reviewer

I work for Ekahau, we focus on visualizing, planning and making site survey's easy for partners and end users. We work with the Top Wi-Fi vendors including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Huawei and I have never heard anyone tell me that they think Air Magnet is a better tool for any of these purposes.

Hope that helps.


it_user637206 - PeerSpot reviewer

My view is likely the most biased on here as I work for Ekahau. Having said that, please find below a few things to consider:

Firstly, I'd recommend asking the same question on Twitter. There's a lot of Wi-Fi folks there.

Secondly - and I'll try to be as unbiased as I can: AirMagnet _used to be_ the industry standard, but things started changing rapidly a few years ago. Today, I would claim Ekahau outsells AirMagnet in terms of new copies sold, and it's not even close. So Ekahau is the industry standard today, and recommended by virtually all the major Wi-Fi infrastructure vendors.

Thirdly - I'd highly recommending videos of both products and trying both out. Pay attention to ease of use, feature set, the amount of things updated recently (release notes of both products should help), and ask around your trusted peers.

Some of our customer comments can be seen here:

If you end up with AirMagnet, please let me know why and we'll try to improve.

it_user644379 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

AirMagnet & Ekahau are great tools in the market, but yet each environment is different and unique. Never had the luxury to test both of the programs side by side on multiple sites. I am more familiar with Ekahau, learning from trial, and error, after being trained and a lot of reading material. I have worked with multiple vendors who have stated that each site is different.

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