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What are the benefits of Zoom vs other virtual meeting solutions?

Menachem D Pritzker - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Director of Growth at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Why all the hype? What makes them so good?

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Richard Juneau - PeerSpot reviewer

I’ve trained with Adobe Connect and paid ZOOM. I’ve had one on one coaching using free ZOOM. I’ve used Skype and Teams for business.

Apart from security risks – ZOOM is doing a lot of work to secure the platform, I find it very easy to use. Combined with free PollEverywhere, there is a lot that can be done with it. The learning curve for new participants is relatively easy and fast. Usually, 15 minutes before the start of the meeting will train them in using the tools. The cost is less per year than Adobe Connect. You can use ZOOM for one on one meetings as long as you want for free. If there are 3 people or more, you’re limited to 45 minutes in the free version.

With Adobe Connect, it’s preferable to have a background person to help with managing the course. You can create templates with polls, quizzes, exercises, and like ZOOM, breakout rooms to have people work together in teams. However, when it comes time to share work done in different breakout rooms, one participant in each room must save the work and later be given permission to share the work. With Adobe Connect, work done in each breakout room is kept and can be shared when the participants come back to the main room. Setting up Adobe Connect with different templates takes some time. With ZOOM, you share your PowerPoint and other documents quite easily. You just have to have them open while training and sharing them when you need to.

As far as TEAMS or Business Skype, both can do a good job of having meetings. However, there are no breakout rooms at this point.

I’m sure that both ZOOM and Adobe Connect will enhance their tools as the demand grows.

Mohammed Saleem - PeerSpot reviewer

There is no hype - let me share my analogy - it's my opinion - why people switched to Google search engine when Yahoo and other search engines prevailed at that time, Google search engine was easy, simple, intuitive, user friendly, no hassles, a similar experience from Orkut to Facebook. It's up to other vendors how they can catch up the market in the virtual meeting landscape - I think zoom did an early start easily by giving free - of course, there will be more freer out there, that may not be good like zoom. That doesn't mean the zoom is diligently designed - I think it is an early mover advantage zoom is having - It's like Microsoft Windows Operating system penetration in the 90s to late 2000s, today we have so many alternatives. Nevertheless, It's a matter of time virtual meetings competitors read this and try to be more innovative than the Zoom, later the market will uptick for others.

SYED AMIN - PeerSpot reviewer
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This solution works whatever your internet connection is very slow. stability

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