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Oracle Database Appliance vs Oracle Exadata, which is better?

Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Oracle Database Appliance vs Oracle Exadata.

One user says about Oracle Database Appliance, "We had been using a separate server, separate storage, and a separate switch for our Oracle Database, which was costing us a lot of money because you have to have licenses for each of those devices. But now we have all of them in just one box. We don't have to buy a separate switch. We don't have to buy separate storage. We have everything in just one box."

Another user says about Oracle Exadata, "The most significant gain was in the area of performance. Performance increased significantly both for OLTP and batch works."

In your experience, which is better and why?

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33 Answers

PradeepSharma - PeerSpot reviewer

both have different use cases. exadata was introduced to market with Big Data focus hence the solutions required to be built according to the specific requirement.
apart from that you can buy anything in a box or out of box which depends on your need and offer which is made by vendor.

it_user757410 - PeerSpot reviewer

In my humble opinion...a lot has to do with your workloads. I sort of laugh when people talk about running both OLTP and batch or analytics on the same hardware. Sure, it can be done.....but, if you want good response times, tuning and workload management is non-trivial.

Mark Tranter - PeerSpot reviewer

The most important thing these days is to manage your structured and unstructured sources to run your organization.

A system that allows humans to structure and manage data under a simplified framework – using PLSQL and packages, with AI data modeling to handle data sciences in the one platform is a big advantage going forward.

Exadata needs to link to Oracle table to unstructured source objects in the system would be the next big step -> link Oracle table to Oracle object store data

Removing core-based license model and move to pay by the month choice should be [ large system ] [mid system] [ small system] like AWS has would be a better selling point moving forward help company install more oracle system.

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