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F5 BIG-IP or HAProxy​, which do you recommend?

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is F5 BIG-IP vs HAProxy.

One IT Central Station user says about  F5 BIG-IP, "It provides first-tier firewalling for you application. And it provides server load-balancing, it provides optimization, and it provides a proxy feat"

Another user says about HAProxy, "I estimate that this product has saved our company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in possible downtime from previous load balancers. We make a lot of our money from online sales, so it is critical to have 99.9% uptime."

In your opinion, which is better? 

Thanks for your help!

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HA Proxy is OpenSource http://www.haproxy.org/ free and does basic LBR services and is often integrated on/with/in Linux based workloads and shops. BIG-IP is F5 Networks leading Application Delivery Controller that offers Load Balancer (LBR) and a host of other services. BIG-IP is the flagship line of ADCs and runs a proprietory Traffic Management OS (TMOS) TMOS is quite unique and flexible and allows other Network Traffic and Security functions to run in-conjunction with the core LBR functions. This would include a WAF- Application Security Manager (ASM), Auth/Access Proxy-Access Policy Manager (APM), Global Traffic Manager (GTM), Link LBR....and a host of attached services in the cloud. BIG-IP also is supported by iRules an open scripting language allowing developers to do Layer 2-7 services/integrations on either side of the tcp/ip stack. Also depends if you want a prius or a lexus and how much you want to program.

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There are more vendors to think about.

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If you are looking for cost-effective WAF + LBR or vice versa solution then kindly have a look at Barracuda Networks as well.
If you want to go with big brand WAF + LBR solution then kindly look at F5.
If your main requirements are ADC + WAF then FortiADC can also be considered.

If you are really considering the opensource solution then before making any decision have a look at http://www.loadbalancer.org/

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It depends on the necessity. The load balance feature is present in several products in the market. If there is a basic necessity, and you need to deploy it in a non-critical environment, I believe that HAProxy can support the necessity. F5 and others market ADCs are more robust, there are more features, it makes sense for Data Center e critical applications.

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