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Cloud Migration Questions
Wallace Hugh
Sr. Director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Oct 19 2021
Hi infosec professionals, When it comes to the migration of petabytes of data (with video & audio files), the cloud service providers usually would recommend moving the data physically.  In such a case, how could a security breach be avoided? Any recommendations or best practices, please?  ...
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MarkGreenlawUsing a solution that leverages data encryption in-flight will protect your… more »
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Everything IoT
User at a tech company with 11-50 employees

Hi community,

Monthly AWS invoice is complex and sometimes impossible to decipher. 

What are some ways to streamline (or simplify) when it comes to using AWS and transferring data on the cloud?

MarkGreenlawThere are many ways to lower your storage in the cloud costs.   If you use… more »
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Matt Armington
Director of Program Promotion at YOUTH OPPORTUNITY FOUNDATION INC

What is the most important first step for a company to take when moving towards mainframe migration?  

Where should evaluation of potential solutions begin in a large financial organization?  Which users' input is most valuable?

Matthew EdmondGathering Clear Requirements Making sure the requirements can be met or that… more »
Mir Gulzar AhmedQ1. What is the most important first step for a company to take when moving… more »
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