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SentinelOne Room for Improvement

Network Support at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees

They have tiers of support like most companies do. For the first three years, we had the top tier of their support and we would get a response from a technician quickly. We didn't have many things we had to ask of them. They would be very quick. We are now one tier down from that. The SLA for us is no longer within an hour or two. It's within half a day or something like that. As far as if I do ask a question of them, it is a little slower than what it used to be. I understand that we're at a lesser tier, but sometimes it feels like that could be a little better. I have to preface that by specifying that we're no longer paying for their top tier support.

They changed the UI a little bit which is to be expected but there are times where I actually preferred the older UI. The newer UI, once I got used to it, was fine. But before, when we would launch into the UI, it went straight to the bread and butter. In this case, it goes to a dashboard, which gives some statistics on the attack surface, endpoint connection status, and stuff, which looks nice. It's a lot of nice bar graphs. It's a lot of nice pie charts. But that's not what I really need. I had to configure it to get it somewhat back to what it was. I wanted to know immediately if there any threats that are incoming. I actually had to add that. I think the new dashboard has a lot of bells and whistles but I don't need it. We used to have to dig in to get this kind of stuff and that's exactly what I prefer it to be. The dashboard, in my particular case, has to tell me where the threat is, how severe the threat is, and let me remediate it as quickly as possible. I don't want to fish through pie charts to find that.

I think they put this new dashboard in two versions ago. In their defense, it's a fully customizable dashboard. I was able to put back what I wanted. It seemed like that should be a default, not something I have to add later. 

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Director - Global Information Security at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The area where it could be improved is reporting. They have some online reporting, but it would be nice to be able to pick and choose. When I'm looking at the console, I would love to be able to pull certain things into a report, the things that are specific to me. They're very responsive. They regularly ask customers to provide feedback. They've been working on their reporting since the last feedback meetings. It's not only me but other customers as well who would like to see improvements in the reporting.

 File Integrity Monitoring is not a gap, but to do it you have to type several times. It's not the few-click intuitive situation.

It would be nice to have some data leakage included. Also, when it comes to data leakage, while you can get out everything that a person does on a machine, there needs to be a proper way of doing so, like other products that are just focused on data leakage.

I can't wait to see their advances in the cloud infrastructure (containers and serverless).

It would be nice (and is critical) to allow administrators to notate when they make changes to the console configurations - perhaps a tag for reporting. I might, for example, whitelist an application. If I did that today and I leave the company at some point, someone might wonder why I did this. There should be a place to easily notate everything.

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Enterprise Security Architect at a recruiting/HR firm with 10,001+ employees

If they would stop changing the dashboard so much I'd be a happy man. 

Also, if it had a little bit more granularity in the roles and responsibilities matrix, that would help. There are users that have different components, but I'd be much happier if I could cherry-pick what functions I want to give to which users. That would be a huge benefit.

The nice thing about SentinelOne is that I get to directly engage with their leadership at any time I want. That allows me to provide feedback such as, "I would like this function," and they've built a lot of functions for me as a result of my requests. I don't really have much in the way of complaints because if I want something, I generally tend to get it.

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Offensive Security Certified Professional at Schuler Group

The solution’s distributed intelligence at the endpoint is pretty effective, but from time to time I see that the agent is not getting the full execution history or command-line parameters. I would estimate the visibility into an endpoint is around 80 percent. There is 20 percent you don't see because, for some reason, the agents don't get all of the information.

Another area that could be improved is their handling of the updating of the agent. It is far from optimal. The agent changes often and about 5 percent of our machines can't be automatically updated to the newest agent. That means you have to manually uninstall the agent and install the new agent. That needs to be improved.

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Director at Pacific Infotech UK ltd

One of the areas which would benefit from being improved is the policies. There are still software programs where we need to manually program in the policies to tell the system, "This program is legitimate." Some level of AI-based automation in creating those policies would go a long way in improving the amount of time it takes to deploy the system. 

There is also a bit of room for improvement in the way SentinelOne is deployed. Right now we push it, but a lot of the time the pushing doesn't work. So we have to log in to each computer and do a manual install. That area would help in making the product stronger.

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Director IR and MDR at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

As a cloud-based product, there is a minimum number of licenses that need to be purchased, which is unfortunate.

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Information Security & Privacy Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

The role-based access is in dire need of improvement. We actually discussed this on a roadmap call and were informed that it was coming, but then it was delayed. It limits the roles that you can have in the platform, and we require several custom roles. We work with a lot of third-parties whom we rely on for some of our IT services. Part of those are an external SOC function where they are over-provisioned in the solution because there isn't anything relevant for the level of work that they do.

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Senior Information Security Engineer at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees

There is an area of improvement is agent health monitoring, which would give us the ability to cap and manage resources used by the SentinelOne agent. We had issues with this in our environment. We reached out to SentinelOne about it, and they were very prompt in adding it into their roadmap. A couple of months ago, they came back to us and got our feedback on what we thought about their plan of implementing the agent health monitoring system would look like, and it looks pretty good. So, they are planning to release that functionality sometime during the Summer. I have been amazed with their turnaround time for getting concepts turned into reality. 

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Network and Security Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We are now using an external monitoring tool to monitor the services of SentinelOne, because apparently they don't have any solution for that. When the SentinelOne agent is down, you can go to the interface and see a mark on SentinelOne that something is not correct or the server needs to be rebooted, but you will not get an alert. You will not be warned that there is an issue with the SentinelOne agent. I have found that a little bit disturbing, because then we need to use a third-party monitoring tool to make sure that all services of SentinelOne are up and running. 

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Network & Cyber Security Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees

All they need to do to improve it is for it to grow further. The hackers don't sleep. If the hackers don't sleep, the solution continually needs to be updated. They need to keep ahead of the hackers.

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Sr. Information Security Manager at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

In terms of improvement, they should work on agents' updates because that is not a strong part. It's not their strong point. It's not straightforward to upgrade agents. I send them questions about it. They already worked on this and they promised that in the next release that they will show me their solution for it. But this year I have had complaints about agents' updates, that they aren't clear.

They have a lot of updates on their management console. They have a lot of features. There is not enough time to read about it all. It's really a lot. The features that they apply are great and I would love to use them, but it's lots of things to know. And if you're not only working with antivirus on SentinelOne like me, there isn't much time to learn about it. 

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Software Engineer at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees

We have had one or two occasions when we had to roll back off our Windows machine. Then, we had an issue with SentinelOne where we couldn't let the client make contact with the cloud service anymore. Therefore, the integration with the Windows Service Recovery could be improved in the future.

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Operations Manager at Proton Dealership IT

One area of SentinelOne that definitely has room for improvement is the reporting. The canned reports are clunky and we haven't been able to pull a lot of good information directly from them.

Also, integration is almost non-existent. We would really like to see integration with ConnectWise. Within ConnectWise Automate, you're only allowed to deploy at the top-level group. Our company is dealership-focused, but if we have a parent dealership that has 10 sub-dealerships with SentinelOne, we have to treat them as one large group instead of one parent and 10 sub-groups. That's been a pain point for us. We've done some workarounds, but since there is no integration, it's tough.

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System Engineer at Lyanthe

It's good on Linux, and Windows is pretty good except that the Windows agents sometimes ask for a lot of resources on the endpoints. That could be in the fine-tuning of the scanning. In Mac, they are complaining about the same problems, that it's using a lot of resources, but that could also be that we have to configure what it is scanning and what it should not scan. Currently it scans everything.

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Head of IT at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees

With respect to product patches, it should have the ability to patch directly from SentinelOne, rather than be presented with a list and have to do it separately. As it is now, it shows you what products require patching, but you need a separate application to install the patch. If you could initiate an update to the application from SentinelOne, that would be a nice feature. 

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IT Manager at Telecorp Inc.

I think communication and documentation could be improved in the solution. When you get a virus alert, there's not a lot of upfront training to let you know how to resolve a situation when it occurs. The first couple of times you're flailing a little bit until you get it sorted. I would probably also suggest that the interface could use a little bit of help. It's a little hunt and peck. 

For additional features, I'd like to see the ability to control it on a cell phone. It would be great if I could have it in the palm of my hand so that if I get a false positive, I can just look at the dashboard on my phone.

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Security Expert at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

I would like to improve the reports because they are not so customizable and we would like more info from them.

I cannot download all the hosts that we have on our tenant, because there is limit of 10,000. I have asked our provider to work with SentinelOne to fix this. For example, my complaint is that if I want to download an Excel file or CSV, I have a limit of 10,000 rows. However, in our tenant environment, we can download more than 16,000 rows. 

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Managing Member at Pender & Associates

SentinelOne's ongoing updates and rate of technology improvments are adequate for now, and have kept SentinelOne ahead of the cyber criminals, but we cannot rest, and continuous development - in particular with regard to the areas of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence - is required to stay ahead of the cyber criminal techniques and exploits.  The "false positive" detection rate could be improved, if possible, but this should not increase the risk of the endpoint being breached.

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VP at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Periodically we have an application that does not work correctly when SentinelOne is installed, yet performs as expected when SentinelOne is removed. SentinelOne gives no clue as to the problem, so to diagnose what is happening can be difficult. To make it worse, the behavior is inconsistent. Two people in the office might have the application working correctly, but a third person using the same program will have a problem.

Nothing is displayed by the agent that is running on the workstations, but it would be helpful to have a mode available where we can see feedback as to what it is doing. We wouldn't want it running all the time because there would be more overhead, but it could be helpful for debugging or diagnosing problems.

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Learn what your peers think about SentinelOne. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.