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Server Monitoring Questions
Nov 23 2021
Hello peers, I am working as an IT member at a research company with 200 employees (at most). I am looking at the pros and cons of SCCM and BigFix software.  At the moment, we are using BigFix just for updating and I think if we switch to SCCM that would be a more complicated and costly soluti...
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Kumar MahadevanSCCM is very robust but you need more time and people to manage it.  For a… more »
Kirk StephenWe have 1500 users and even with a reasonable sized support team we find SCCM… more »
Muhammad WaseemHi Ihsan,  Hope you are doing well, As per my experience to deploy SCCM for… more »
5 Answers
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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Oct 05 2021

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