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SAP Analytics Cloud Room for Improvement

Santosh  Pallai - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The cost is an area that could be improved. I also think that Ofice 365 should be incorporated. People would find it to be more user-friendly with Office 365 integrated. Flat file integration can be a distinguishing factor.

Custom visuals is another area of improvement. There are also some mobile features that are missing. There are features that aren't available on the mobile. 

There should also be better connectivity tools for HANA and Success Factors. They have minimal visualization relations and they have the third-party add-ins.

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Consultor SAP Business Object, Sap Analytics Cloud at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

SAP Analytics Cloud can connect to any server architect, database server, or application server. There are many models for implementation to the Cloud or on-premises. The implementation process for SAP Analytics Cloud could be improved, as there are many application servers, in the company. Also, there are many applications. This implies there are many KPIs to connect with other applications. Connection and integration with other applications have a lot of restrictions at the moment. As a result, the implementation process is complicated. SAP Cloud connect is easier to implement on-premises. Future releases could include a provision to remove some of those restrictions. 

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Human Resources Consultant - Workforce Reporting at a government with 10,001+ employees

The customizations need to be better. In order to do some basic functions, in order to create certain basic functions in input control, you need to know a couple of basic programming languages. It would be better if these input controls were easier to create or to get working. For example, in Tableau, it's so easy. You just add these controls. However, in this product, for certain basic functions like dropdown boxes, it's more difficult for the basic business user. If you're not in IT, it's not as easy as Tableau.

The product needs to offer more options for navigation. There need to be dropdown filtering op boxes. Right now, when you filter, what you have filtered is not presented - the selection isn't on the screen. If you're looking at it, you don't know if you've got the right number unless you hover over it.

Some of the functionalities that do not use any IT or business language, such as BIAL, which is a subset of JavaScript, and something called CSS, need to be incorporated.

The analytics app is designed for programmers. You need to know programming languages in order to use the solution effectively, and some users aren't programmers. Unfortunately, if you want something that should be simple to do, that's not available as you need to have that programming language.

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SAP Analytics Cloud
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Analytics Practice Lead at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

I think what could be improved is a lot of those intelligent features that I mentioned, the AI and predictive functions within the tool work really well with data that you import into the platform, but it doesn't work as well with SAP live connections. If they could make those predictive features available to any source, whether it's SAP or non SAP, it would be a really, really compelling product. 

I'd like to see formatted reporting as an additional feature, such as pixel perfect style formatted reporting. I'd also like to see the product on parity when you compare acquired data and live data models, to know that the features are identical. 

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Ramasamy Telungupalayam - PeerSpot reviewer
SAP Intelligent Enterprise Manager at Arram solutions ltd

I would like to know how Analytics Cloud plays with other products like SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is now integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud, but I would like to know how they strategically work together; what is the strategy? How do they work together and how is SAP planning to implement self-service? Currently, it's not very clear — particularly regarding Data Warehouse Cloud which is now part of SAP Analytics Cloud. It's quite difficult to navigate because SAP has many products.

Figuring out how to navigate all of the products around Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud and BW for HANA is quite difficult. The strategy of all the individual products and the roadmap itself, if you take it separately, it all looks good. There is a transformation navigator, but I don't think it's useful. It's not very easy to use; it's more technical than it is on the business side. In short, the roadmap and integration with other SAP Analytics products like Data Warehouse Cloud need to be improved. It's not clear and I can't find any information from SAP addressing the subject.

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Segun Oyeleke - PeerSpot reviewer

The pricing could be improved. It's quite expensive.

I don't know how usable it is for other platforms. 

In terms of connectivity, if you want to report on live data you have to use what is called the calculation view. It's a graphical view of SAP HANNA, but it's quite limiting as a structure.

They need support for more languages, Python for example. I know that Tableau does this quite well.

If you can integrate more features from the programming side, it would enhance analytics especially the languages that are more analytics-based such as R. I think SAP Analytics Cloud supports a measure of R but could be enhanced.

I may have a narrow view of its usage, but I think that it is quite dependent on SAP environments.

I have not encountered any clients who are using it for Oracle ERP or an Oracle database and are reporting are using SAP cloud.   

It's quite, vendor narrow. For an analytics platform, it's quiet, vendor restrictive.

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Head of Finance Enterprise Application at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The security, authorization, and live connection to the back-office system features can be improved.

A business analyst colleague who creates complex financial management reports has mentioned that he wants to see more fact and visualization features. It would be helpful to have more visualization features to be able to prepare more stories or reports for executives. For example, Tableau has some visualization features that are not present in this solution. 

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Wonjae BAE - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Managing Director at dfocus

In the beginning, we had a problem with stability but it's currently fine.

SAC, which is the cloud version, lost some good features from the previous planning product, like BPC or BPS.

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Anthony Debyser - PeerSpot reviewer
BI Architect at ArcelorMittal

Though it's the best placed product when working with an SAP BW backend, it still lacks a lot of functionalities when compared to other tools such as Power BI or Tableau

The technical support of SAP is not perfect and could be much better. 

It takes a lot of time to have lacking functionalities implemented.

The integration with the BW backend can still be improved. Though both solutions are from the same vendor and the tool is positioned as "the" reporting tool on top of a BW environment, the integration between both still lacks a smooth integration. For example, authorization management is still not synchronized out of the box.

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SAP Architect/ Business Analyst BPC, BW , SAC , FI at a educational organization with 10,001+ employees

In terms of what could be improved, I would say their positioning. Effectively there are too many parts from SAP in the planning and consolidation space. If they want to position SAP Analytics Cloud for this space, they need to position it properly and make sure that the other products are also positioned alongside it in such a way that the customer doesn't get confused. That's one more supportive thing. Other than that, the scalability, stability and all that, need to be improved. They need a better scalability rate.

Additionally, SAP ERP could have more competitive pricing, more openness, more accessibility, more standard products, and more planned releases to the new features.

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CEO at Attiva Spa

What should be improved in SAP Analytics Cloud is the speed of importing information and data from SAP S/4HANA, because it's what we're using. We noticed that gathering the data from the main database takes a bit of time.

Another way to improve the product is for them to let others access some information without being part of our SAP company system. If I want a customer to check information directly using SAP Analytics Cloud that would be good, because currently, it doesn't seem to me that this is possible directly in the product. Of course, there's another path to take to reach that goal, but a direct connection for external people who may want to check some information could be useful.

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SAP BW Senior Consultant at Capgemini

What could be improved in SAP Analytics Cloud is integration, particularly in terms of extracting data from the source system. Currently, its data extraction mechanism doesn't have good integration and needs improvement.

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Santosh Pallai - PeerSpot reviewer
SAP BPC Consultant at Tech Mahindra

We have not found any shortcomings. It does what we need it to do. However, while most of the things have been incorporated, doing data action optimization wasn't something that we could have done. We needed data action capabilities. 

The scope is limited to a few accounts. We need to limit that data in order to get enhancement in terms of performance. There are a few little challenges there. This needs to be considered in the planning stages. For example, how to enhance or limit data and look up or delete statements. You need to consider data locking and access control.

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SAP Associate IT Consultant at a computer software company with 5,001-10,000 employees

With the R Visualization, the coding is somewhat complex.

SAP Analytics Cloud requires a lot of coding and I would like the coding to be somewhat minimal. When I use other tools, they don't require a lot of coding. There is coding for columns and that is fine, that is minimal. 

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Finance Manager

I would like to have more tabular reporting capabilities, like page reports. 

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Sameet Kumar - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Governance Data Quality - Lead at Syngenta

When importing data from a different source, the solution should also act as an ETL tool to allow for the task permissions with the live data. 

The solution could be more stable. I rate its stability as a seven out of ten. 

I rate the scalability as a seven out of ten, as the solution occasionally falls to pieces and requires us to tweak our scripting. Scalability definitely needs to be improved. 

The solution should include other scripting languages as well, such as Python. Also, I am curious to see if they will include AI and ML capabilities going forward. 

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BI Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

It should have the flexibility for scoping the story and models. When you use it in a three-layer architecture, you struggle with the fact that you usually have just one SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, and you have to switch the connections, which might be an issue for bigger developments. For the development role, there should be an option to switch between development and production scenarios. 

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BI Lead at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

It's lacking a bit in maturity and we find we can't replace our existing mode 1 analytics tool until it's improved. 

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Sherif-Hassan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Consultan at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Technical support could be more helpful and responsive. 

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Manager Finance at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I would like to have some functionality when they have a live connection with our BW. Some of the functionalities SAP promotes, like integration, aren't available to me. I would also like to have more advanced features for predictive analytics.

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Director & Co-Owner at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

Its integration or connectivity with non-SAP systems, big data, and social media, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, et cetera, can be improved. This is where SAP has limited features as compared to other solutions.

There is very little documentation. They could provide additional training and resources.

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Segun Oyeleke - PeerSpot reviewer

The general management of this solution could be improved. The graphics or icons could also be improved to allow them to integrate with other environments on the web.

In a future release, it would be great to have improved connectivity to make it easier to read other kinds of metadata from other data sources.

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Camille Maitrot - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Manager , Team Leader Data Analytics at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

The business intelligence features should be improved because there is a lack of functionality regarding that part.

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BI Solution Architect at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

SAP could add some more visualization features to Analytics Cloud, like charts and analytics. I would also like to see some more data cleaning and ad hoc functions added to this solution.

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SAP Analytics Cloud
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