Quadient Inspire Valuable Features

Tomaž Juvančič - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at Tomaž Juvančič s.p.

The most valuable features of this solution are that it is truly multi-channel and completely modular.

Without programming skills, you can start creating your data-transforming operations, layout design, and page operations such as splitting, merging, and combining the output in any desired way. Plus, its easy-to-learn scripting possibilities give unlimited possibilities for any task. There is one workflow for all corporate outputs - print, mail, SMS, HTML.

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Senior Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra

By using Quadient products we can design digital documents. It supports various types of input files and can generate different types of output files. Quadient is a complete solution package where we can handle data transformation too, including filtration, sortation, manipulation, scripting, etc. We can work with different types of databases too. We can create a number of versions for workflow and can use them anytime when required. We can export different types of native files such as PDF, .RTF, .DOCX, etc.

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Manager of Variable Data Technology at DX Marketing, LLC

The most valuable feature we have found is the speed to produce files and the number of files that can be sent at one time. Using other software, we would have to send one or two files at a time. Using Scaler, we can send all of the files at once and through a load balancer send them across multiple servers in one go. 

As stated above, we also have the flexibility to use the same templates for both web previews and print production files located inside of ICM. In our current environment, we have thousands of web previews a day. 

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