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Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) Questions
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What are the major benefits of SAN that result in businesses choosing it over NAS? Do you think SAN is generally better than NAS, or is it just a dependent on the use case?

Rahul GhalwadkarIt is dependent on use case. Generally NAS is used to store file level data and… more »
C.NAS has no upfront investments, you can use standard NICs in your servers… more »
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PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 06 2021

Hi community, 

What are key factors that businesses should take into consideration when choosing between traditional SAN and hyper-converged solutions?

Tim WilliamsWhether to go 3 Tier (aka SAN) or HCI boils down to asking yourself what matters… more »
Fernando SaladoWell, there are many things to consider, but I will start with scalability… more »
Bart HeungensAll depends of how you understand and use HCI: If you see HCI as an integrated… more »
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