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Dynatrace Room for Improvement

Mark Kaplan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Director IT at BARBRI Inc.

I would love to see Dynatrace get more involved in the security realm. I get badgered by so many endpoint protection companies. It seems like a natural fit to me, that Dynatrace should be playing in that space.

I'd also like to see some deeper metrics in network troubleshooting. That's another area that it's not really into.

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Richard Mitchell - PeerSpot reviewer
DevOps Leader at a legal firm with 501-1,000 employees

The user interface for the management functions is not particularly intuitive for even the most common features. For example, you can't share dashboards en masse. You have to open each dashboard, go into settings, change the sharing options, go back to dashboards, et cetera. It's quite laborious. Whereas, Datadog does a better job in the same scenario of being a single platform of making these options accessible.

User and group management in the account settings for user permissions could be improved.

The way that Dynatrace deals with time zones across multiple geographies is quite a bone of contention because Dynatrace only displays the browser's local time. This is a problem because when I'm talking with people in Canada, which I do every day, they either have to run, on the fly, time recalculations in their heads to work out the time zone we're actually talking about as relevant to them, or I have to spin up a VM in order to open the browser with the time zone set to their local one in order to make it obvious to them without them having to do any mental arithmetic.

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Software Developer at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees

Due to the fact that you doing a lot, you have a problem with the learning curve. We're really looking for ways to make this product more accessible. That comes back to training and also having the information within the system presented well. Right now, quite a lot of time is spent learning the idioms of the system.

That said, they work very hard on taking the edge off it. However, the reality is that it will take time to learn. It does take time to come up to speed with this product. Most of the problems I've had are just a lack of familiarity with the product so far.

I haven't pushed it far enough to discover that my answers are not met by the product fully. I still need time to explore it before giving it a full review. 

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Michael Akers - PeerSpot reviewer
Monitoring Services Manager at Vitality Corporate Services Limited

I would like a testing module focused on quality gates.

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Solutions director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

They're doing vulnerability assessments of the application stack by using OneAgent. It's a never-ending story if you are trying to be sure your application is also secure. So, they could improve in that area, but they have started doing that.

They could definitely add additional components since the technology is driving from different perspectives. So, they should follow up with all the new components and new versions of the suite.

The price could be lower.

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Gerente de Operaciones at a consultancy with 1-10 employees

The solution needs better integration with networking appliances such as rotors, switches, and firewalls. It needs to work better with SNMP protocols and the like.

Dynatrace should put a little bit of effort into releasing documentation. They have a lot of new features that come out regularly. Pretty much every month there are new features. However, its information on those new features is scarce. Sometimes there's technical implementation information, however, it's really small. There needs to more information in order for the documentation to be useful. Some users are not that technical and need a little more help to understand the new features.

They should automate some settings. 

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Associate Consultant at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

Support for cloud-based environments needs to be improved. There is a challenge when it comes to monitoring cloud-native applications. This means that we have to use other tools that we integrate with Dynatrace. If there were another approach to monitoring things automatically then it would be a fantastic feature to add.

Some of the results that we were being given by the AI engine were not a proper output based on what the data input was.

These days, we are seeing that AIOps is becoming more predominant. As such, I would like to see more of the features in Dynatrace, expanding it from a purely monitoring solution into a full-fledged AIOps solution.

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Luke Kabamba - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

When it comes to monitoring, we did the integration with VMware vCenter, and we were able to see some good stuff. The VMware vCenter integration was really great, but what we really missed was the integration with the network management stuff such as Cisco ACI. We wanted to see integration in that area, but it was not provided by Dynatrace. So, the main feature for us is integration with things like Cisco ACI. If they can bring that one in, with vCenter in there, it would be a total solution. It would be absolutely incomparable to anything else in the market.

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Managing Enterprise Architect Individual Contributor at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

I believe that something related to IoT devices should be improved.

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Dynatrace Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

They're generally going in the right direction and they're quite responsive to feedback. You can vote on features and whatnot. If enough people vote for a feature, they'll get it put in. 

The solution could be more seamless. The user interface could be better and they could offer more integration. 

We'd like it to be more user-friendly, which, in our case, might be a big ask as we have a fairly complex environment. 

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Sales Engineer at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I think they're working on even more integration from external third-party input, but that is ongoing. So the faster it's there the better. Clock monitoring is one of these areas where improvements can be made.

Another thing is that, although the cost for Dynatrace has great return on investment, it could be cheaper. 

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AndreCosta - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Engineer Manager at Creditas

The pricing of the product could be improved. It's still very expensive compared to other solutions, although it is the best one. Even being the best, it could improve the price or the business model. There should be more flexible ways of charging the customer. They could have more price models and more options.

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Cloud Solution Engineer at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees

Its price, for sure, should be improved. Its price is quite high. Other than the price, there are always improvements to be made as technologies change. When we move into cloud-based technologies, Dynatrace will also have to adapt so that they can monitor those as well. It should have the adaptability to quickly transform to monitor those new technologies.

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Julius Loman - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior consultant at a computer software company with 201-500 employees

The licensing part is complicated or not transparent. It is very difficult to assess the number of licenses for a prospect. You have to do a PoC, and calculating the number of licenses for two years or three years is sometimes very difficult. It also depends on each case. There are multiple types of licenses. Sometimes, you need only one of them, and sometimes, you need all of them. This is an area for improvement.

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Sr.Tech.Analyst Monitoreo at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Dynatrace would be closer to a perfect tool if it could bring an interface similar to a standard for metrics like Prometheus and Grafana, New Relic, and Datadog, and the way they present these panels. It would help if Dynatrace allowed more features that work with metrics like Grafana or New Relic because the data is there in Dynatrace. Dynatrace collects all the information but some companies consider integrating, for instance, Dynatrace metrics with Grafana.

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Cristiane Machado - PeerSpot reviewer
Head Of Product Development at Stefanini SCALA

It will be great IF we could show (automatically, from the dynatrace dashboard) to the customer how much they are reducing costs, doing more business and no environment's stopped. 

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Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Dynatrace could be improved by having a fully functional applications and infrastructure monitoring feature. Their existing stack, which is SNMP-based, does not have full infrastructure monitoring, whereas if we compare it with other solutions like New Relic or Datadog, they have moved into infrastructure monitoring. 

The second improvement I would suggest is in regards to the cost. So far, Dynatrace is the most expensive APM that we sell, even compared to New Relic. I think they can improve a little bit in terms of the license pricing. 

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Stefano Ghelfi - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Analyst Programmer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

I think that they have to make improvements to the product, particularly with regard to the infrastructure monitoring which is not yet complete. Although it's very powerful for application and end user monitoring, the infrastructure needs to be significantly stronger. Configuration is also not so simple and that could be improved. 

This is an expensive solution which makes it difficult to sell to customers. Even though the features are good, the price is too high. At the moment, we are able to sell the product, but only to really big companies. It's quite difficult to sell to a mid-size company. 

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Sr. Technical Consultant at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I don't believe the solution is missing any features per se.

The pricing of the solution should be improved. It's on the high-end of cost if you compare it to other options.

It's not really user friendly. You need to go through a certain type of training. 

The solution needs to offer KPIs so that we can read data and develop customized reports.

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Tjeerd Saijoen - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Rufusforyou

We were planning to use it to assess things from Jira, but after we installed Dynatrace, Jira was not working anymore because of the injections that were put in Jira — we could not integrate with Jira.

The flexibility when it comes to integrating with other tools is very low.

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Application Performance Analyst at K2 - Labs Development

It could be more affordable and therefore, more widely used by including more features like DEM as part of licensing cost rather than an additional expense. The DEM is one fantastic tool to monitor traffic hot spots across the globe which enables one to identify user experience trends from all parts of the globe. This is very handy indeed however it comes as an additional feature with additional licensing costs. Would be really welcome if that is included out of the box.

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Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Moving from a traditional filo functional APM to an integrated One stack agent is an area that needs improvement. They have simplified the installation process, the integrated monitoring, and the correlations.

The downside is that it is very expensive in terms of the price range.

I would like to see income monitoring for the servers and infrastructure monitoring.

The full-stack agent only covers the infrastructure monitoring, but the fields do not cover network monitoring. Once they have network monitoring, with full-stack capabilities, it will be complete.

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Managing Director at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees

An area for improvement would be security. In the next release, I'd like to see more network-centric capabilities - Dynatrace is good at the network level, but I have to leverage other network solutions and integrate with them, but a holistic approach including the network as a one-stop-shop would be great.

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Associate Director, Application Performance Management Solution Design & Engineering at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

In the next release, other than the price being reduced, I would like to see some improvements in open telemetry support, the open standards support.

They could also develop an observability platform where you could have the ability to inject events, locks, and traces.

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Bacha Khoperia - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Administrator at Public Service Development Agency

Its pricing could be better. Dynatrace has an option to monitor the end users to see what they are doing, but it required a separate license and had an additional cost. It was coming out to be expensive, because of which we didn't use the feature.

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Project Lead Engineer at a construction company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The solution could improve by allowing more dashboards customization. This would allow us to monitor the metric better.

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Samir Aciardi - PeerSpot reviewer
Cloud Engineer at Clearsale

Dashboards and monitoring capabilities can be improved for monitoring applications in Azure. In Azure, it would be cool to be able to monitor network consumption as well as flow communication.

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Krishnan Swaminathan - PeerSpot reviewer
Chief Delivery & Wellness Officer at Bahwan CyberTek

It needs to be more user-friendly.

They could have a better user interface, better automation, better support for cloud-based, and SaaS applications.

Nowadays, everybody is going to SaaS or the Cloud. 

Historically these products started on-premises, but now obviously they start with a data center.

Dynatrace is evolving but it has a bit of catching up to do.

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Managing Director with 51-200 employees

The usability is worse than it used to be. They had a new Source Dynatrace and it didn't go as well as they had expected or hoped for in terms of usability. It would be beneficial to test some other features.

If the installation was improved, that would be helpful.

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Enterprise Monitoring | Information Services at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

Its infra monitoring is not that good. They are mainly into the APM environment, such as network monitoring and other things. Strong end-to-end infrastructure monitoring is missing. SNMP monitoring is currently not very good in this solution.

It is a bit expensive. It could be cheaper.

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DermotCasey - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Sales Specialist at Vodafone

There should be more visibility for network performance monitoring. There should be more metrics for things like 5G and IoT. That would be the main thing because they've moved more to mobile performance rather than fixed networks.

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FerencJordanics - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Solutions Specialist at Valahol

The documentation of Dynatrace needs to be improved. There needs to be a more detailed description and additional examples for background understanding for beginners trying to use it.

There needs to be a better understanding of deep monitoring and complex investigations. Having better documentation would help.

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Integration Architect at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution could improve on integration, cloud services, and making the configuration less difficult.

In a future release, I would like to see better management reports on the dashboard.

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Ramesh KumarR - PeerSpot reviewer
Analyst - IT Applications at Merck Group

RFAs submitted via the forum need to be answered or resolved quickly. This truly helps improve the product to the greatest degree.

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Clifford Neilson - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at choice sourcing

The reporting could be better.

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Support and Services Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The dashboard could improve. The graphs available should have more features such as the ability to do data comparisons.

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