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Data Governance
June 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Collibra, Informatica, Microsoft and others in Data Governance. Updated: June 2022.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"In terms of data governance, as I mentioned, it can be a one-stop solution for all of your data governance needs.""The customization and the dashboards are pretty good.""I find the metadata feature valuable because it replaces the coding.""It's incredibly easy to use.""Collibra is very good at talking to modern database systems like a normal RDBMS, a DB2, or a SQL server or an Oracle.""As far as the functionality of the tool is concerned, it's pretty slick.""Provides a good view of the data and how it's being utilized, as well as calibration quality.""The catalog feature is definitely valuable because it makes ingesting the metadata of any application quite simple. You don't have to do things manually. You can just schedule an import, and it will just refresh the metadata of whatever application you want. That's what I like. I usually work on the technical side, and other than that, I usually create integrations. I integrate Collibra with different environments or applications. I'm a developer, so I cannot vouch for the business, but for me, it is quite developer-friendly with the Java API interface and the REST API interface that they have provided. It is good for creating dashboards based on the needs of each and every role. It can be user-specific or group-specific. We usually create dashboards and give them to our business users, and they are quite happy with that."

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"It's easy to manage and support the user, our guests, and our customers if they have a problem."

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"One problem is the data lineage, especially extracting the ETL transformation from different ETL tools and identifying how the data is getting changed from one layer to different layers and how the transformation is applied. It doesn't support all the ETL tools for extracting the transformation logic. It supports some of the tools, but there are still some tools that need to be supported. There is also a small pain point in terms of integration. There is a little bit of change in their strategy from Collibra's end. Earlier, they used to offer two solutions. One was out of the box, and one was a custom-built solution for which they used to provide a dual connector. Now the focus from the Collibra side is more on using the out of the box connector. They are discouraging doing the custom integration. That leaves us with two problems. The first problem is that the out-of-the-box connecter is not yet enabled for a lot of systems, and the second problem is that the out-of-the-box connecter has certain limitations. If we want to tweak those as per our needs, it is not possible. However, the custom-built is still supported, and you can still build a custom integration by using the API, but it is not very encouraged by Collibra. Its dashboard also needs to be improved. There are options to use the HTML code to customize your dashboard, but it has a lot of limitations.""There's a lot of things available in their Data Intelligence Cloud that are not available on-premise.""The connectors for metadata ingestion need to be improved.""It would be better if there was a way to import all data and metadata in an automatic way in one block form.""The licensing is one area that could get improved.""What I use it for is fairly rudimentary, and I don't have any complaints about it. I haven't tried to stretch the boundaries at all, but it would be nice if there were capabilities built within the system to somehow help enforce the quality and consistency across related elements that are built in the catalog. It could have intelligent capabilities built in to help maintain the quality of the data and information, such as natural language processing, machine learning, and so on.""Every time you change or publish a new questionnaire for certification, you have to basically go into the code and update the new version of the questionnaire.""Sometimes, if a client needs a specific customization, we cannot do it directly. The client needs to reach out to Collibra and request the customization."

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"It's stable, but it depends on the office and location."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "I am not so much aware of price details. Initially, there was an add-on NuSoft license to use the DVC connector that NuSoft gives to create integrations, but Collibra is now phasing out of it slowly. Collibra is cutting ties with them is what we have been led to believe, and we have started developing on Spring Boot, which is open source."
  • "I think it is on a yearly basis, but I'm not involved with the pricing session, so I have no idea. There are several licenses for different models. You get one license per product, but a lot of features are controlled separately through different licenses. So, as and when you want to use a feature, you have to procure the license for that feature."
  • "I think they have a trust issue. I did not like the way they recently went through the process. They were like, "Finish this SOW first, only then will we sign the other SOW." Or, "Finish this code." I didn't like that much."
  • "I would say it's probably in line with what other vendors charge for licensing."
  • "It is substantial, and we do pay yearly."
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  • "There is no license. The solution is free."
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    608,713 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:This solution is user friendly and offers multiple functionalities. It operates like a kind of a repository that allows you to find anything about a particular data set or field.
    Top Answer:This solution could be improved with the the addition of process diagrams to help the many users of the platform understand all the fields.
    Top Answer:It's easy to manage and support the user, our guests, and our customers if they have a problem.
    Top Answer:There is no license. The solution is free.
    Top Answer:Unifi makes integration and monitoring very easy. There are no additional features that I would like to see.
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    out of 41 in Data Governance
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    Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it.

    The Unifi Data Platform breaks down the barriers of operational data silos and democratizes information across the enterprise. At the heart of the platform is a comprehensive suite of self-service data discovery and preparation tools to empower business users. Employing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, and optimized for the cloud, Unifi predicts what the business user wants to visualize and then connects the resulting data natively to the BI tool for fast, accurate results.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Data Governance
    June 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Collibra, Informatica, Microsoft and others in Data Governance. Updated: June 2022.
    608,713 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Collibra Governance is ranked 1st in Data Governance with 23 reviews while Unifi is ranked 13th in Data Governance with 1 review. Collibra Governance is rated 7.8, while Unifi is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of Collibra Governance writes "Offers many features for the best relative price". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Unifi writes "Makes integration and monitoring users very easy". Collibra Governance is most compared with Microsoft Purview, Informatica Axon, Alation Data Catalog, BigID and Ataccama ONE Platform, whereas Unifi is most compared with SAS Data Management and Palantir Foundry.

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