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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Questions
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I'm working at a Tech Services company and I would like to understand the competitive advantages of Nagios XI vs other Network Performance Monitoring
(NPM) tools.

Can you share your expertise on this topic?

Dario Leon Hi, Nagios is great because the tool has a lot of plugins, customizable.… more »
systemse738The biggest question is how much work do you want to do?  With Nagios you have… more »
Tjeerd SaijoenIn Nagios you have to build from templates so more development work and you need… more »
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Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Sep 27 2021

With the security issues associated with SolarWinds - are people switching to other vendors?   Which ones are you switching to and why?

RobertUllmanThousand Eyes acquired by Cisco, interesting synergies with AppDynamics APM.
chamepicartWe’ve switched from Solarwinds to Centreon even before the issue occurred. It’s… more »
Darryl TheronHi Henry, Infosim, Stablenet is a very good alternative. Regards, Darryl… more »
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There are many open-source IT Infrastructure Monitoring solutions on the market. However, large companies often invest in a paid solution. 

What do paid monitoring solutions offer that make them a better choice than open source?

Richard TreadwayWhen you’re considering infrastructure monitoring, you certainly have plenty of… more »
Faustine ChisasaThe main reason large companies invest in paid solutions is the advanced and… more »
David CollierFrankly speaking, these days there is very little if any advantage. Allow me to… more »
8 Answers
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Hi community members,

I have some questions for you: 

What is ITOM? How does it differ from ITSM? 

Which products would you recommend to make up a fully defined ITOM suite?

reviewer277275IT operations management (ITOM) software is intended to represent all the tools… more »
Syed Abu Owais Bin NasarOne is that ITSM is focused on how services are delivered by IT teams, while… more »
Tjeerd SaijoenITOM is a range of products integrated together, it contains infrastructure… more »
6 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 17 2021

What tools do you recommend for SQL server monitoring for an enterprise-level business?

reviewer277275I highly recommend 2 products from the SolarWinds ITOM Suite; 1 Server… more »
Morne' O'KennedyI personally believe in SCOM (Operations Manager) since it contains all the… more »
Usman MalikYou can use Solawind or BMC
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Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 09 2021

Hi peers,

Is it required for your company to conduct a security review before purchasing an infrastructure monitoring solution? 

What are the common materials you use in the review? 

Do you have any tips or advice for the community and any pitfalls to watch out for?

David CollierAs with any software that is deployed within any organisation, security must be… more »
it_user866433I would start focussing on the used acounts and their privileges, other… more »
Ravi KhanchandaniIt may not be mandatory for conducting a security review before procuring… more »
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Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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MichaelDelzerThe ability for the solution to correlate data from across the enterprise to… more »
Dmytro KutetskyiI think you need to look for: 1. Unifications. All aspects of the monitoring… more »
Stacy Leidwinger1) Ease of deployment and maintenance. The ideal solution will auto-discover… more »
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