Avaya Wireless [EOL] Questions

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Given the current situation for Avaya's networking business, does its Wireless roadmap still have relevance?

Wireless LAN Questions
Kilford  Runhare - PeerSpot reviewer
Kilford Runhare
Network and Security Administrator at Rainbow Tourism Group
Jul 27 2022


I'm looking for a report about top-rated WLAN vendors. Where can I find it? 


MichaelJung - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Network Manager at Payment Alliance International, Inc.
Hi peers, I work as an IT Network Manager at a Financial Services firm. We have begun using EnGenius switches at smaller sites replacing typical Catalyst 36xx switches and Cisco Wireless Controllers.   Can you share any good or bad experiences in deploying 802.1X with EnGenius devices (switche...
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How can I test the speed of my wireless network when a computer is connected to Wi-Fi? 


reviewer1375509 - PeerSpot reviewer
reviewer1375509If you are wanting to know its internet speed you can always do speedtest.net or… more »
Joshua Fatehnia - PeerSpot reviewer
Joshua FatehniaHi,  If you want to test your internet speed (from device to an external… more »
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Vinny Govender - PeerSpot reviewer
Vinny Govender
Technical Applications Specialist at bioMérieux
Jul 26 2022
Hi, I'm working as a Technical Applications Specialist at a Pharma/Biotech company with 10000+ employees. I'm researching to purchase a high-performance Wireless LAN device. Which one of the following products would you recommend: Ubiquiti Unifi Aruba Wireless  Ruckus Wireless Huawei Wir...
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Ender Kefoglu - PeerSpot reviewer
Ender KefogluIf you want high performance and stability, you should definitely go with Ruckus… more »
JorgeDe Leon - PeerSpot reviewer
JorgeDe LeonHi Vinny,  I recommend you the following devices: 1. Ruckus: Easily to… more »
Johnrex Fernandez - PeerSpot reviewer
Johnrex FernandezHere's my recommendation in order. #1  Aruba #2 Ruckus #3 Ubiquiti
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Senyu Huang - PeerSpot reviewer
Senyu Huang
User at Sample
I'm in a search of a Gateway solution for my organization. We have 200 employees and my budget is $400-800.  I've been checking Citrix Gateway, Aruba Wireless, Ubiquiti, and others.  What gateway do you recommend choosing for my company (based on the mentioned budget) and why? Update: I need ju...
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Ivelyn Wan - PeerSpot reviewer
Ivelyn Wan https://www.fs.com/products/11... SG-3110, All in One Multi-WAN Security… more »
Thomas Van Niekerk - PeerSpot reviewer
Thomas Van NiekerkIt all really depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve. Is… more »
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Eric Biller - PeerSpot reviewer
Eric Biller
Network Systems Administrator at SCBDD
Hello,  We are redoing Wi-Fi and the related Ethernet switches to support it. We're moving from Cisco environment and considering Aruba 515, w/CX6400 Cisco Meraki or possibly an on-prem Wi-Fi controller, Arista Mojo, or Extreme Networks ExtremeCloud IQ. Any suggestions? 
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Michael Fulton - PeerSpot reviewer
Michael FultonDepends.  I have personally used both Cisco and Aruba so I am familiar with… more »
Aws Al-Dabbagh - PeerSpot reviewer
Aws Al-DabbaghI suggest Aruba. We've considered the same upgrade (APs + Switches) and I've… more »
Ralph Malone - PeerSpot reviewer
Ralph MaloneI have Extreme and chose them years ago when they were Aerohive for one reason… more »
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Doyle Franklin - PeerSpot reviewer
Doyle Franklin
Business Consultant at Operations RX
We are a small MFG facility looking to add WAP Specifically for 4 PC's,  8 handheld Zebra mobile computers and 2 data collection kiosks.  The building is approximately 50K sq. ft. with a 27 ft. ceiling with no racking or other tall obstructions.  The number of employees accessing the Wi-Fi rang...
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Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

What would influence a business's decision to choose WLAN over a wired network?

Adrian Baker - PeerSpot reviewer
Adrian BakerIn most cases and within most businesses there is a combination of both… more »
MichaelScotti - PeerSpot reviewer
MichaelScottiIn a greenfield application I would go with all wireless workplace. More people… more »
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it_user755604 - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Engineer at FTD India

The software developers in the organization should connect to wireless access points for internet by their active directory credentials. Is that possible with Cisco WLAN?

Moshiur Rahman Khan - PeerSpot reviewer
Moshiur Rahman Khan
CEO at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
Cisco Wireless Aironet 3802i vs ALE OmniAccess Stellar AP1230.Which one is the best product in terms of quality, performance, number of client capacity, field coverage, centralized controller and price?
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Moshiur Rahman Khan - PeerSpot reviewer
Moshiur Rahman Khan
CEO at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
Which model is the best WiFi (Wireless LAN) in terms of Quality, User Capacity, Signal Coverage, Security, Support service and Pricing compare between Cisco Wireless Aironet 3802i  and Alcatel-Lucent Wireless OmniAccess Stellar AP1230 Series with Hardware or Software controller? SEE: http://ente...
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Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
Sep 26 2022

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it_user163557Several things come to mind but a few things stand out. 1. The term "future… more »
Tony C Leung 梁仲江 - PeerSpot reviewer
Tony C Leung 梁仲江Reliability, ease of diagnostics...enabling a no-hassle always on wireless… more »
Ralph Malone - PeerSpot reviewer
Ralph MaloneTCO is what I look at.  You can get the APs cheap but what is the yearly… more »
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