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Automation Anywhere (AA) Valuable Features

Business Advisory Manager (AVP) at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

#1.You don't have to really code anything, as it gives you a good interface (UI), because the components are already preconfigured, you  have to just a drag and drop sequence in terms of how you want to execute the steps. 

#2. There are preconfigured APIs that can be used. E.g., if you want to interact with the mailbox solution, you can have the RPA fetch attachments or email body from the mail solution. You can process attachments via test file or PDF. You can even make Automation Anywhere work around PDF, which is typically not that easy to work with in terms of extracting information.

#3. Metabots/ IQ Bots: One of the features, which we have not used too much, but available, is the MetaBot feature. These preconfigured solutions are easily downloadable, and you can just plug-and-play with a bit of customization, which also means you do not have to keep recreating and can reuse existing functionality. Some of the typical uses are that you could be regularly logging into a website. You can just download a MetaBot, as a useful webpage interface and just run it. All you have to do is maybe replace the name of the website, and in case there is a certain authentication mechanism that is being used, then provide that information.

# 4.There are multiple levels of cloning. In case screen cloning doesn't work, you can do object-based cloning or keystroke-level cloning, depending upon what parameters are available to you and what is the level of information that you capture. You can traverse between object cloning, which is the lowest, most basic form of cloning to a stroke-based cloning, which is like taking care of each keystroke-level which is made by the agent.

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VP Business Development at Ampliforce

The ease of use in getting started is probably the big thing. They had a lot of references that we were able to check. It is a well-known player, and being able to get up and running quickly was the big thing.

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Group Head IT at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The ease of use for the end user and the very low complexity in trying to build a bot are the big factors for us. We are able to work on a project, identify a use case, come up with a design spec, and execute and build a bot within a span of six to eight weeks. In nine to ten weeks, we are able to go live, which reduced complexity. Once we go live, the user interface and the user experience are extremely good.

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Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

There are many valuable features of Automation Anywhere. It is very easy to work on this automation tool on a day-to-day basis. I've seen that people, even from a non-technical background, can code it swiftly and at ease. 

We have IQ Bot which is very interesting and unique. I really like IQ Bot and the concept of A2019 that we have just seen. I really hope to get to work on that. A2019 seems to be very interesting and easier than what we are doing here now. It is a service available on the cloud, which is even better.

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Solution Architect at Accenture
  • The OCR integration came a long way. They have intelligence inbuilt into it.
  • Ease of deploying and the KB article really help people to just read and deploy different 3rd part components as well(svn, DB, LB, etc) .
  • Nowadays, the screen scraping techniques evolved in RPA and it is good to see they are in play which was not the case couple of years ago.
  • HBC is most suitable for COVID times. 
  • The RPaas offering will help customer to use it for less number of bots.
  • AD security group integration is a good feature
  • AI sense is good too.
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Senior Consultant at Capgemini

Live executions on the prod machine with the player options is good.

I have been using tools like Automic and UiPath that has either an engine to run for Automic and Orchestrator for UiPath.

The versioning concept is pretty nice and increases the security and tracking mechanism.

Instead of packages like other RPA tools, I think the repo check-in and check-out feature enables the same in AA. 

Although it does the same, the ease of usage is fantastic in AA from my experience.

The line compare feature is another feature that I personally like the most but there is an anomaly as well.

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Sr. RPA Consultant at Thirdware Solution Ltd.
  1. Bank-grade security provided by AA with Credential Vault and Lockers. With the level of security provided by AA, it is a global leader and it becomes easy to convince prospects and turn them into customers.
  2. Bot Insights provide visibility. Simply tagging variables used in the bot, can provide automated real-time dashboards that are presentable to management showing them a complete view of how the bots are performing.
  3. Platform support is very good. AA supports on-premise and all major Cloud providers for the installation of the software.
  4. The solution is very scalable.
  5. After learning other RPA tools, I can say that AA provides one of the best user experiences with the user-friendliness of the UI.
  6. The role-based access controls (RBAC) provided by AA are simple to define and provide clear distinction and segregation of duties and roles, and they help to maintain security.
  7. The A2019 bot agent and development on browser means that there is no need to install a thin client like v11 or other RPA tools. The automation development of bots can be performed right from the browser itself.
  8. The Flow view and List view for development mean that development becomes much easier, even for newbie users. The flow view and the drag and drop command flexibility is very helpful. The list view is generally preferred by the developers.
  9. Workload management and Queues are valuable components. With the WLM module, multiple bot runners can be utilized to perform a single task more quickly and thus help achieve SLAs. Multiple bot runners can be used optimally to divide and perform tasks simultaneously on different machines.
  10. Inline Python scripting support with A2019 is possible, which reduces a lot of lines of code for programmers. 
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Manager, Robotic Process Automation at Celerity

Both v11 and A2019 have their strengths but the cloud-based forms with Excel, Microsoft applications, scripts integration, and functionality of A2019 have really stood out above the way v11 can do those things.

It takes far less code to work with A2019 than v11 for the tasks we have in place. In v11, the Metabot features have proven a tremendous help to work with smaller tasks such as file and folder operations, datetime operations, as well as credential management operations.

I'd say the most impactful and heavily or commonly used ability of v11 and A2019 has been the ability to integrate other code types and operations within the process. For example, if someone needed a heavy data comparison process to take place, utilizing AA could work but often takes a good bit of time to work through a large Excel or CSV file. Instead, activating a pre-developed or partner-developed Python script would be my choice because of the speed and efficiency of that language. I currently use this method and it's a major time saver.

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Business Operations Associate Consultant at ZS Associates

The best part about A2019 is its ease of use. You don't need to be a coding champ or an expert to use and implement A2019 in automating tasks. It's very easy to learn, tweak, and implement in your day-to-day tasks, especially features like capture/record is completely marvelous. Apart from these, the Excel basic and Excel advanced features are really handy and easy to use. I personally have used them frequently in all my bots as most of my work is related to excel and stuff. Last, but not least, using A2019 for automating the tasks even on the virtual machines, which is one of my favorites.

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Software Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

The most valuable feature is the SAP application and the DLLs that Automation Anywhere provides. These DLLs help automate the SAP application. In A360, the latest version of Automation Anywhere, they provide many connectors for the different frameworks, like Office 365 or any other APIs, so those connectors are useful.

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RPA Developer at Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.

I am inclined towards features such as Automation Anywhere Bot Store, Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client, Recorders, and Scheduling with the Auto-Login Feature.

Automation Anywhere Bot Store; The Bot Store is an online library where anybody can find different types of pre-developed, production-ready bots. Being production-ready and easily accessible saves development time. All bot submissions to the bot store pass through strict security checks, which makes them secure to download and deploy.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client; The Automation Anywhere client has 500+ commands to perform various tasks. It has a user-friendly workbench and UI. The most important part is the scriptless development, where you just drag and drop the command and you are ready to run it.

Recorders; Recorders make automating desktop applications, as well as web applications, very reliable and easy to implement. Think of creating a bot to extract data from a webpage in less than 30 mins and it can be run by pressing a button daily. It makes tasks easy to finish. 

Scheduling with Auto-Login Feature; Automation Anywhere has the most user-friendly way to schedule a bot. Scheduling is so accurate in Automation Anywhere that we don't need to worry if the task will be deployed at the specified time or not. I personally manage 30+ schedules and each runs at its set time. Scheduling comes with an awesome Auto-Login feature. This feature logs into locked Windows even when the system has a disclaimer message. It makes scheduling reliable and accurate.

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RPA Developer at InnoWise

The first and foremost feature is the availability of activities. These include activities for the keyboard, mouse, different types of loops, conditional, clipboard, and many more.

The overall UI of the tool is so user-friendly that even a beginner can use it easily.

The predefined recording facility is helpful and it mainly includes three types, being smart, screen, and web.

Automation can be more complex when the use case is to scrape text from a non-digital image, although thanks to Automation Anywhere's image recognition and OCR facility, the job can be completed easily.

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Assistant Manager at Deloitte

Automation Anywhere is fairly easy to use and understand. It requires no prior coding experience. Personally, I started my RPA journey with AA learning about RPA as a technology and AA tool from Automation university and found it quite useful.

The bot store feature is quite useful since it provides pre-built bots for complex systems and it helps a lot when starting the RPA journey.

The AA commands provide a drag and drop option which is quite easy to use.

The Bot insight provides a lot of information ranging from bot deployment, success, and failures, and bot efficiency. This is quite informative and easy to understand which can be directly presented in front of business leaders too.

IQ Bot provides AI and cognitive capabilities that prove extremely useful in extracting texts from scanned images and unstructured invoices and documents.

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IT Consultant at ITC Infotech

The Control room is valuable, as we can schedule the bot at any time and give access to anyone from anywhere.

The Recorder feature helps to automate without any effort and is very robust and precise.

The automation is very fast and in no time, it executes the process and hence increases the SLA by a vast margin as compared to other RPA tools.

IQ Bot is a very high niche tool and reads any kind of scanned copy and gives the output with more than 95% precision. It's very simple and supports Python and NLP for adding extra features.

Metabot helps to make reusable components and can be used as a function wherever needed.

It supports Dlls, VBScript, Python script, and macros.

Bot Insight helps to get the analytics in a more enhanced and visually attractive way.

The simplicity of the tool is a plus point, as it does not require one to be from coding background to work on it.

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Technology Test Lead at Infosys Technologies Ltd

1. IQ Bot: IQ Bot makes it a breeze to classify banking documents, purchase orders, and invoices. Also, intelligent OCR helps with accurate form field and text field data extraction from unstructured documents. The easy cloud training of the already existing domains and integration with task bots is the icing on the cake.

2. MetaBots - Metabots makes capturing and re-calibrating screen controls in (offline mode as well) really easy. This enables us to make changes to the UI Assets easy.

3. AA2019 helps us to rapidly try out POCs without going through the install cycle and setting up the control room. This is a very important and critical step given we can build automation rapidly and show to prospective clients helping foster confidence amongst the business enabling growth.

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Team Lead at Accenture

The most advanced feature in the current version is the security. Previously, the whole thing was like a software installation. Nowadays, it is more of a URL and credential vault. Everything is taken care of by a centralized tool, a Control Room, which is only accessible through the URL. I really like this feature. I hear that in the upcoming version that everything will be cloud-based. So, I'm really excited to see that type of an infrastructure.

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Jr. RPA Developer at ProEchoes Technology

The most valuable features are object cloning, image recognition, assignment value, and automation for databases, OCR, PDF, Excel, and email.

Excel automation is especially helpful because a lot of small companies are still using Excel as their data storage.

Database automation is really important for executing report queries.

PDF automation is useful because a lot of companies still use PDFs as fillable forms. To automate a PDF, it uses the OCR function to extract data, from either a soft copy or handwritten-scan form.

Last but not least, the assignment value command is really needed to help with the manipulation of variable datatypes. Without this, it is quite hard to manipulate the data.

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RPA Engineer at Fournxt

Workload management is a cool feature of Automation anywhere.

Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular RPA vendors offering powerful and user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate the business processes that are performed by humans. AA is a web-based management system that includes a control to run end-to-end automated business tasks for companies. Over 500 leading brands across the world use this tool to handle and scale their business processes with near-zero error rates and minimizing operational costs. AA allows building scripts to perform repetitive tasks instead of writing code. They can automate a broad range of chores from basic level Windows configuration steps to the ultimate networking and remote database processes. The three core components in the AA architecture are:

Bot Creator – It allows the developers to create bots to automate their desktop-based applications.

Control room- An application that works as a controller and handles the entire execution and management of clients, scripts, credentials, roles, security, etc.

Bot Runner – A machine that allows us to run the bot. The status of bot execution is reported back to the control room.

The company offers various products to support enterprises in their journey of digital transformation. They are as follows:

Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA

The product is dedicated for the business user and comprises advanced capabilities to offer an intuitive interface for the business user, bot developer, and automation administrator. This platform is easiest to use, supports to avoid complexity, and ensures fast adoption & rapid deployment. It not only fulfills the requirement of the digital workforce but also be flexible to evolve with the business needs.

2. IQBots

IQBot is a cognitive bot designed to support as well as learn from business users and enable the business user to experience the power of advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Integrated with the automation anywhere enterprise RPA, the IQBot offers enterprise massive gains in productivity, as it includes competence of automating complex tasks involving unstructured data. The table below explains the different types of bots in automation anywhere: Task bot, Meta bot, and IQ bot.


3. Bot Insights

The platform displays statistics and graphs to analyze bot performance in the system. It also allows calculating the time saved in the automation process. It is the first analytics solutions build for bots. Bot Insights tightly integrates the real-time business insights with the digital workforce performance.

4. BotFarm

It is an on-demand enterprise-grade platform for RPA bot. The platform scales the capacity of the digital workforce by deploying bots anytime, anywhere with a single click. It can create, deploy and handle thousands of software bots and can ensure resilience, elasticity, and scalability.

5. Bot Store

The first marketplace for plug and play bots dedicated to business automation initiatives. It enables enterprises to discover, deploy, and mobilize bots, including process bots, application bots, and cognitive bots in a fraction of seconds.

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Bot Developer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

It depends on the use case, however, I'd say the most valuable aspect of the solution is the IQ Bot. 

Normally, you just scan the invoice. However, what makes Automation Anywhere different from other services is machine learning, which includes AI. It's easier and more convenient. 

We can include Python programming language too for getting better results.

The solution provides a Community Edition to all the users. It's a great jumping-off point to learn about automation. There are some features that are reduced, however, it's still quite good.

The insights provided by the dashboard are excellent.

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Head of Automation at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The IQ Bot component has enabled the business to quickly identify the different documents and provide the ability to integrate with in-house or external AI functions. This enables us to extend the initial document extraction facility to transform the information into key decision-making attributes. The document training facility has made it easy to identify select-extract the components on the documents and it is also capable to recognize handwriting context with the help of pre-configured Azure AI services. 

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Senior RPA+Cognitive Developer at Innova Solutions

From my point of view, IQ Bot is the most valuable feature in AA. It is a type of cognitive bot designed to support, as well as learn from business users and enable them to experience the power of advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Integrated with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA, the IQ Bot offers enterprise massive gains in productivity, as it includes competency in automating complex tasks involving unstructured data.

The REST API is also a very valuable feature in AA. Using this, we can automate the web application through the API and execute it in the background in a fraction of time.

MetaBot is also a valuable feature in AA. Using this, we can run the DLL of any application and also develop the process in offline mode. If there any minor changes in the screen then we can avail of the calibrate feature of MetaBot.

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Information Technology Software Developer at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

The MetaBots are by far the most effective system within AA. Due to the fact that no scripting is required and only the passing of variables or values to get a definite result. IQ Bot with the ABBY OCR is a powerful component to do multiple extractions in the shortest possible timeframe in comparison to human execution of similarly identified tasks or operations. 

The Recorder functionality is extremely useful and relatively straightforward enough to use, albeit a bit restrictive in its functionality.

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RPA Developer at R-Path Automation

The features I most appreciate are the built-in version control system, historical log, audit trail features, and the breadth of RPA action commands included out of the box. 

I also like the credential locker functionality and think that feature was developed in a logical, clear, and helpful manner.  

It is nice being able to develop and manage/schedule scripts from the same web browser interface, but there are times I wish that the bot developer screen was made more user friendly. Some of my recommendations for solutions of that nature are listed below. 

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RPA Platform Architect at Accenture

A2019 Control room

1: Single installer for all components and it installs all pre-requisites- Makes life easier as only admin access is required from the IT team to complete the installation
2:RBAC - Each component access can be controlled via Custom roles. I have created roles for developers, schedulers, admin, testers are all in a single control room.
3: Inbuilt credential vault with encryption is easy to implement and manage.
4:Recently included features of adding Security groups from the Active Directory is a lifesaver for the Control room administrator. Users are managed at the AD level with no overhead tasks of CR admin managing users.

A2019 Bot Agent

1: Easily installed but requires admin rights. 
2: It can be installed on a server now as the option to add multiple users is enabled in bot agent installer files

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Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

Bot Insights is the most valuable feature. We don't have to struggle with generating metrics around how the bots are performing. This information coming out of Automation Anywhere is useful to us because of the way the metrics are generated. It inspires confidence in our customers. 

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Sr. software engineer at Accenture

The solution was a mix of recorded runs and scripting. The developer team had a basic understanding of the tool, which made their job quite easy.

Features like reusing each and every piece of code for things such as login scripts, data extraction scripts, etc, helped us to speed up the implementation of PoC for the client.

Another valuable feature was the one-place control-all type mechanism, which helped to have a center point of control for bots running on multiple systems.

The scheduling feature allows for scheduling of the bots to a specific time every day, which helped remove the dependency on humans completely.

We were also able to get the results sent via email.

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Technical Consultant at Metrodata Electronics Tbk PT

One very useful feature is the IQ Bot, which is helpful in the operation of the data input process to all of their applications. Initially, humans had to read one per one document, but with the IQ Bot, it is continuous until the input process is complete.

Currently, IQ Bot is implemented by a finance company that is concentrating on motorbike financing. There are many claim documents that must be processed and inputted to their internal application, and using the IQ Bot reduces both cost and time.

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RPA Specialist at Olam International

The best feature is the MetaBot, which we've been integrating and calibrating with a lot of stuff. This has been helpful to us.

I like the object cloning.

The development period is shorter.

It is easy to fix bug issues which you encounter in the post-production process.

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Associate Consultant at Ernst & Young

Most of the features are valuable. 

1. SAP GUI commands in the latest update is helpful as a lot of processes have SAP involved. 2. APIs are helpful too, but they certainly need more improvement. APIs help in building resiliency.

3. Queues are great but need improvement. They are helpful because most of the automations are transaction-based.

 4. Good old object cloning is always helpful as it is versatile.

5. Metabots help in working with many of the legacy applications. But needs improvement there as well.

6. Credential Vaults are helpful, but needs improvement there too.

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Application Development Analyst at Accenture

Automation Anywhere provides the best application to use for RPA and other automation requirements. It's very easy to use and easy to understand. It's UI(user interface) is user-friendly and easily understood by users, it is very easy to install Automation Anywhere. Simply click on next to install. It is easy to develop a bot, and no coding knowledge is required to develop. 

AA has another feature BOT STORE which contains pre-built bots for most commonly used applications like sap, oracle, etc and last but not least IQ bot features which are used to extract unstructured or semi-structure data from pdf, images, emails, etc. Automation Anywhere also provides a dashboard so you can check your bot details like bot accuracy, bot failure details, and ratio, etc. It helps to find errors. It also provides error handling commands so if you know the bot may get any error so you can handle it.

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Automation Project Manager at a performing arts with 10,001+ employees

AA has a bouquet of features that can be used in our projects. We have utilized all the features in our existing projects. It may be task bots, meta bots, or IQ bots. The features in the AA bots may be object cloning or security features where the bots can be triggered only from the control room and will help clients to maintain their security concerns. The number of commands is more which will help us to achieve different types of details being captured, verified, and executed in the project for us.

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RPA Consultant at KGISL

WLM & Device Pool, where multiple devices perform the same thing parallel and complete the tasks at the same time. The Credential Manager for security is one of the most valuable features for storing credentials and providing security between the developer usage and future maintenance where passwords expire every 90 days. There is no need to touch the code and just update the CR locker section. CR UI is also user-friendly for creating deleting and updating users, roles, etc within the CR. The Audit Log section is also good for logging all the operations done in CR.

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Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

It is very difficult to automate Telnet and Terminal screens using Java or Python. Automation Anywhere has made the automation of these processes pretty much hassle-free and easy to use.

The robust and flexible nature of the product gives it the capability to automate almost all rule-based processes in each and every ERP application that is currently available in the market.

Another added advantage of this product is its capability to automate web-based processes and its ability to automate all processes without compromising a single bit on security.

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Developer at a tech services company

1. I would say business analytics, it provides real-time data that's something other competing companies lack. It uses statistics and graphs to show the performance of the bots which processes are lagging behind and if you need to give priority to certain tasks. 

2. The control room and the bot creator - the control which is the brain is a powerful feature that allows administrators to be able to control how the bots work, create users, and be able to give roles to a user. 

The bot creator allows developers to be able to customize bots according to the client's needs 

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Software Engineer Analyst at Accenture

IQ Bot is one of the features I greatly value in Automation Anywhere, as it has helped me in creating bots that involve processes with unstructured data, thus making complex processes possible and attainable with this technology.

Their mobile application is a great feature for developers and project owners on the go, as they can monitor the status of the robot runs anywhere and anytime. This is an important feature because this world is running at a faster pace than before, and mobility is very important for everyone.

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Delivery Manager (RPA : Robotics Process Automation) & Automation Architect at Accenture

Movement on cloud architecture according to me provided by AA2019, will be most beneficial as it will be easy to use and will provide flexibility.

However, we have almost sued all the features extensively and few of them are as below :

  • Intelligent automation for business and IT tasks
  • Uses SMART Automation Technology
  • Rapidly Automates complex and complicated tasks
  • Create automation tasks like recording keyboard strokes and mouse clicks
  • Distribute tasks to multiple computers
  • Automation Anywhere offers scriptless automation
  • Auto-login runs scheduled tasks at any time, even when the computer is locked.
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Associate Company at Cognizant

Solutions which require cognitive abilities can easily be implemented using Automation Anywhere. It's great to have a tool that gives the power to automate ML/AI requirements. 

Also, the features like the terminal emulator and Active Directory that are provided by Automation Anywhere are great to implement solutions.

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BI & Analytics Consultant at Deloitte
  • Create automation tasks like recording keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.
  • Distribute tasks to multiple computers.

Also, the document management processes that IQ Bot gives has very good functionality of how you can actually take unstructured data and make sense out of it, connecting inferences, then making the data available to the user. So, IQ Bot is one of the best tools that I can think of in that aspect. This solves the problem of various document structures, document formats, etc.

Hoping to see AA get more robust with time.

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DevOps at Centrax Systems

The marketing automation software provides easy workflow creation and management. It increases productivity and it is easy to follow and optimize. Use workflows to set priority, status, and route incoming tickets to ensure your SLAs are met.

Trigger responses are real-time responses that are easy to send to customers. Every response needs to be prompt because even a five-minute delay can lead to a lost customer opportunity. The software has a feature that allows you to time and schedule your responses so that they can be sent in real-time. 

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Support Engineer at MIndfields Global

Object cloning, Excel, web recorders, database, if-else, loops, and string are some of the most commonly used commands, by me.

Pulling data from web pages using Object Cloning has been an absolute delight. It is very accurate and runs flawlessly.

Up until v11, the Excel commands were very limited compared to what Excel has to offer. We had to use macros mostly, to cover up the gap and avoid using keystrokes. However, A2019 has Excel Advance, which has a lot more functions and covers that gap significantly. 

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Business Analyst at Accenture
  • Intelligent automation for business and IT tasks.
  • Uses SMART Automation Technology

Bot Creator- Developers use desktop-based applications to create bots. Their dev licenses are checked with that configured in the control room. On authentication, the code of the bots they create is stored in the control room. Different developers may create individual tasks/bots. These bots could be merged and executed at once.

Bot Runner - The Bot Runner is the machine where you run the bot. You could have multiple bots running in parallel. You only need the Run License to run the bots. The bots report back the execution logs/pass/fail status back to the control room.

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RPA Developer at Omfys Technologies Pvt Ltd

Automation Anywhere has lots of features, some of them are accuracy increases, time consumption reduced, scalability. Automation Anywhere does not require a strong knowledge of programming languages. The dashboard is user-friendly. In A2019 of Automation Anywhere we can run a python script. The accuracy of the IQ Bot has been improved in Automation Anywhere. The new concept of the control room in A2019 is more impressive than older versions of Automation Anywhere.

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Software Engineer at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

Excel automation, database integration, and object cloning are few functionalities that I find valuable in the tool because most of the business processes work around them.

With Excel automation, we can open, close, save, and navigate through the Excel workbook. Most importantly, macro integration within Excel is easy, and with that, it unleashes all of the capabilities that we can do with macros to be executed by integrating with AA.

Database integration allows us to integrate with SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Object Cloning means that frontend navigation is made easier. With AA the object cloning command, we can capture the UI objects and customize them as per the process.

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RPA at XLnc

I love its reliability, ease of use, and the vast customer support that are always present to help us.

In the new cloud-based version, A2019, some good upgrades have been added. I feel that everything has been covered in A2019 that was missing in the older v11.3. These advancements have helped to impress our clients and create new business opportunities with them. As a cloud deployment, it saves clients problems with desktops that occurred with the previous version, v11. There are also more commands and features that have made it more awesome for me to explore and play with new commands.

I love the user interface and the automation commands they have provided in the AA 2019 version.

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Sr Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The Bot Store is something very impressive because it is one place where you find a lot of free bots that you can test and try different bots. At the same time, you have developers who can create different bots and put them into that marketplace so multiple people can use those bots. It is a win-win situation both for the developers, Automation Anywhere, and even the customers.

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Senior RPA Developer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

Automation Anywhere has great features and I have found Object Cloning and SAP integration to be the most valuable among them.

Object Cloning: Using Object Cloning, any web-based process or task that has fixed steps to be followed can be automated with ease. Object Cloning captures the object, DOMXPath, Inner text, etc. The drop-down menus can also be automated easily.

SAP Integration: Automation anywhere has added one more feature to this command in v11.3.5, which is SAP GUI. Using this feature/command, SAP Automation has become simpler than before, as it required using Metabot, DLL, etc. Everything can now be done in the task bot itself.

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RPA Consultant at Infogain

Automation Anywhere is a package of many features. There is no single feature that will get more value because each feature is important on its own.

I like the software updates because I see new things being added all the time.

The jump From AA v11.3 to A2019 was a great start to help explore RPA and provide more options to developers who are implementing RPA using Java Packages.

This product is easy to use, and it helps business users to more easily understand RPA.

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Technology Lead at Infosys Technologies Ltd

The addition of excel advanced to directly append worksheets, add formulas, etc was very beneficial and made the code development faster. 

The usage of steps helped in the segregation of code blocks making it more readable and understandable. The usage of keystrokes in A2019 was much better than in v11. Also, the direct inline usage of the python scripts enabled s to handle various manual processes. 

Using the email and the file triggers were very helpful as we were able to directly execute the bots on the trigger.

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Deputy Manager - Automation, Business Transformation at a performing arts with 10,001+ employees

There are many features of Automation Anywhere that were found to be most valuable like WLM, PDF integration, Advanced Excel Commands, Terminal Emulator and its commands, Interactive Forms building features of A2019 which helped us in developing UI for our front office automation and integrate it with multiple rest APIs. The new features which were introduced in A2019 like Data Table, custom DLL, IBM Watson Speech to Text, IQ BOT, Document Extractor has been impressive. The option to use the Python Script has been very helpful.

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RPA Engineer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

I consider the verification station very useful because it allows you to quickly check if the data extracted are correct or if you need to change the process. The process owner is also much happier because he is more involved in the implementation of the Bot and thus it is easier to develop the requirements.

During the test phases and during the review, it is possible to engage the process owner who almost enjoys verifying the correct functioning of the Bot, thanks also to the simple and attractive interface of the verification station.

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Senior Manager at Genpact - Headstrong

MetaBot is one of the most valuable features of AA. The simple drag and drop functionality, integration of DLL of SAP, Outlook, Excel, and other application make tasks easier for developers. There's nothing like MetaBot in other tools. 

One can also check the Bot farm for readymade Bots provided by other AA developers and experts.

A2019 is another great feature introduced by AA. The web-based Bot development, Control room, and Bot Insights are other nice features. Improved Error Handling and support of Python script in A2019 seems good.

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Group Manager at WNS Global Services

All the features are very good, although what I like best is RPA-as-a-service. This drastically reduces the infrastructure setup time and, at the same time, it can be utilized for productive project work.

The multi-tenant and scalable architecture is the main advantage when you have a cloud service. While RPA is the cutting-edge technology to bring digital transformation, the RPA as a service will reduce costs and increase efficiency with ease of deployment, less maintenance, and cheaper upgrade costs.

Even our customers are happy with the RPA-as-a-service model.

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Senior Technical Specialist at Thirdware Solution Ltd.

The universal recorder along with the Excel basic and advanced packages has been highly valuable. With Excel basic, we can perform basic Excel activities even if Excel is not installed in the system. The Excel advanced package has a lot of features added, which were initially not there in Version 11 and we had to rely on external scripting for the same.

Earlier in Version 11, we had different sets of recordings, which often made things confusing but with the universal recorder, the situation is not the same anymore.

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Quality Analyst at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

Web-based control is the most valuable feature. We can access it from anywhere in the world with the control room URL and in any browser. Bot Insights make our report generation and other insights view easier. We can export the data in the form of CSV, PDF, etc.

Credentials is another important feature, where we can store the important/bot credentials securely in the Control room itself and we can track who accesses the credentials and we can restrict the access based on users.

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RPA Program Manager at a engineering company with 10,001+ employees

We have found both the basic Task Bot & IQ Bot very useful as the combination of both helped us to create some solutions which were End to End Business solutions. IQ bot performs the basic Data Sample set creation and Extraction of the details from the unstructured PDFs and later we have used the Business Rule engine using the IQ Bot to perform the data feed into the various Systems. Overall we were able to achieve the value using the combination. As part of our internal solution, we have also created custom Python scripting to handle the OCR failure issues surfaced due to IQ Bot product limitations

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Deputy Manager (RPA) at WNS Global Services

IQ Bot is very helpful as it is easy to learn and implement and the data output accuracy is almost 90%. Over time, the BOT learns from the validation which is an added advantage. Whatever I was thinking for version 11.3, it's being implemented in A2019. The incorporation of Python scripts is also implemented which will be easier for validations. The forms feature in A2019 is useful which can be used for voice processing where only input will be provided and BOT can perform the backend activity and get real-time data instead of Agents searching for the details.

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Development Consultant at Infogain

There are many valuable features available but the Automation Anywhere learning portal has very good learning materials and videos in place which is very user-friendly and can be learned easily.

From a Commands perspective, below are some most valuable features:

1. Metabot (User can develop the code offline just after capturing the screen, easy to drag and drop commands, reusable, and easy to use).

2. Object cloning (helpful to capture most of the controls with its Object properties)

3. Excel operations, Emails, Default Error handling features, Version control, etc...

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Technical Consultant at PT. Mitra Integrasi Informatika

It's a cloud-based solution, so we do not need any on-premises server. Having a cloud-based deployment provides more flexibility because we just need an internet connection for connecting the agent into the AA cloud.

For a few workflow processes that need credentials, AA provides more security for this. Their encryption is to ensure that our credentials are always secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized people.

The dashboard can be accessed by several roles. User monitoring, for example, can view the dashboard, watch how many robots have failed, and other stats, but they cannot change how the robot works.

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Senior Testing Consultant at Dark Horse Digital

OCR, Image Recognition, Object Cloning, and PDF integration help us a lot. We have used these mostly, as our system is legacy. We automate primarily with image recognition and MetaBots, which are mostly accurate. 

Metabots are a useful feature that helps us overcome the issues that we face using image recognition. The reading of data from Excel is much easier and is getting even better in A2019.

The bot store helps us to download most of the reusable utilities and overcome our issues. We also earn at the same time.

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Associate at Cognizant Technology Solutions

The Object Cloning command is the most useful feature. Through the use of this command, between 30% and 40% of the process automation is complete.

The Excel commands are useful for fetching the cell values and then running specific commands. With this feature, we can invoke the existing macros wherever it is required and once it generates the outputs, the results can also be used for further decision making. This helps the process to run uninterrupted and avoids manual intervention.

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Associate Director - Projects at Cognizant

Actions are very much user-friendly, which we can easily use to proceed with development. The API connection is easy to incorporate and also has the ability to track the task status in the Orchestrator.

XML action commands and Excel commands are the ones we most frequently use in the real world processing of the policy. When we have features targeting those, it will be good enough for the majority of the process we automated.

All of the key action items have been easy to incorporate.

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Software Engineer at Capgemini

Mostly the Metabots function and Excel as DB function are of great help as we can connect to SAP and work on that easily. Excel as DB helps us to perform operations on it even when huge amounts of data are on it. 

The control room is the best part as everything can be seen and controlled from there, scheduling storing of credentials, and much more. I have used PDF extraction and other tools where data needs to be extracted and it works great at that part. I highly recommended this tool for automation.

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GIS Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

Automation Anywhere has many features that are not supported by other RPA vendors. One of these features is Metabots, and I find it to be the most valuable part of Automation Anywhere.

Metabots are reusable and can be developed easily.

The Control Room is the most important feature, where we can manage the bots and publish to various bot runners in the environment. Here we can add users, edit them, and we are able to assign various roles to the users.

Task Bot can be used to implement the business logic, step by step. 

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Robotic Process Automation Developer at Mekkanos Limited

The best feature is the drag-and-drop command. Users with less coding knowledge can also automate their end-to-end processes very easily. 

Centralized Control made maintenance and support work easier. 

Bot Insights is another feature in which the bot can log all the statistical information and display it to the end-users in a graphical view.

In A2019, I liked Excel Automation because now it is possible to automate Excel files without having Excel installed on the machine in which the bot runs.

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Software Engineer at Accenture

AA is user friendly.

The most valuable features are the web recorder, which is used to extract structured table data, the Metabot to handle smart process automation (SPA), Object Cloning, variable assignment, and Message boxes.

IQ Bot is a unique offering from AA that allows you to extract information from semi-structured documents like PDF invoices, using built-in ML. The ability to train documents and easily review any that fall outside of the model is excellent.

AA has good coverage in terms of out-of-the-box functionality for bot development and management. A2019 has some great new features that take this further, such as the ability to create custom commands for your organization, which helps code reuse and development.

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Associate Manager at Accenture
  • The universal recorder is a kind of hybrid recorder that enables the user to record the data across devices.
  • Option to send email from Outlook or SMTP.
  • A2019 also supports Python script(2.0/3.0) along with Javascript and VBScript. Also it as inline scripting and importing script file feature. 
  • A2019 contains almost 11 diffs. datatypes. Ex: window,number,table.
  • Browser support is Improved with Different Browsers support: IE, Mozilla, Chrome.
  • A2019 is not dependent on single os. It supports Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Running bot through Excel, Waiting for release from the vendor
  • Instead of meta bots we can use run DLL commands
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Sap BW on HANA Consultant at Infosys Technologies Ltd

AA control room is one central system to manage our tasks. We found it excellent to administrate. It was used for easy scheduling of process/task in Remote desktop. This helped to avoid manual intervention to trigger tasks. 

Also, various features like easy email and file reading eg: PDF, XML, etc were innovatively helpful to scan out values and use as variables in code. 

Another helpful feature is the easy command sidebar provided, where we can easily drag and drop a required command.

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RPA Developer at Alzone Software Pvt. Ltd.

The Automation Anywhere (2019) is now a SAAS product, hence I feel it's more fluid to use in any environment compared to the AA11.3x versions.

Automation Anywhere used to have a three-layer architecture with a Control Room, Runner, and Workbench but now it has combined the Control Room and Workbench into One. This made it easy to create bots and administer them.

The document Processing tool called IQ Bot has had several new updates, like a logic field, where you can include Python scripts. I feel it makes the tool more adaptive and flexible.

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Team Manager at Capgemini

The benchmarking scores, the latest technology improvements & the use cases are the most valuable aspects. 

  • Intelligent automation for business and IT tasks.
  • Uses SMART Automation Technology.
  • Rapidly Automates complex and complicated tasks.
  • Create automation tasks like recording keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.
  • Distribute tasks to multiple computers

AA allows you to create processes using 3 types of robots: Task Bot, Meta Bot, and IQ Bot. Instead of rewriting redundant code for processes, a meta bot can be used instead. This type of robot is best used for complex scalable processes. IQ Bot: The most powerful of the 3 types of robots is the IQ Bot.

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Senior RPA Developer at ViS networks Pvt Lmt

It has IQ Bot, Meta  bot and bot insight features/products which are a good advantages over all other RPA platforms. Also AA is providing self learning platform where we can up our RPA skills and do develop/hands on practice on the both community (on premise and cloud) editions.

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RPA Specialist at Thirdware Solution Ltd.
  • The most valuable features I see on the actions added have a lot of commands that were unavailable in older versions.
  • The concept of packages with the flexibility of adding our own package. The packages for running Python Scripts, different packages for excel, and it has the option to work with Excel if it is not installed in the machine.
  • Exception handling with try, catch, finally and many other actions introduced.
  • Concept of different data types.
  • The different views for writing code like Flow or List or Dual.
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Technical Architect Associate Manager at Sprint Nextel

RPA is a feature that really helped eliminate errors during the execution of structured business processes. In particular, with our requirements, we have seen reduced dependency on the workforce and we had proper execution of our business process.

It has also opened doors for an intelligent notification system as well, with the help of which, we are getting the proper input from the different stages of our program.

Cognitive Automation helps by self-improving, using AI and ML for complex data.

Altogether, these important features help to form the organization as a digital force.

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RPA Developer at OMFYS Technologies India Pvt.Ltd

The most valuable features are data extraction and entry into webpages, extracting data from unstructured invoices, email sorting and attachment downloading, Excel actions, database connectivity, IQ Bot for extracting data from invoices, connectivity with ERP applications, as the REST and SOAP web services.

With the help of these features, we can automatically fetch data from invoices and websites, which is followed by the automated data entry into the webpage and ERP system.

Excel actions help us for automating work on Excel workbooks.

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Senior Software Engineer at Athena Global Technologies Ltd

Automating Mainframes, Legacy systems, SAP applications, IQ Bot, & Natural language processing abilities are its strong points. By using its AI & ML capabilities, we have solved many problems for our clients.

No other tool is as stable as Automation Anywhere, considering the ML & AI capabilities & ease of use.

Automation Anywhere's interface is pretty awesome and easy to use, even for a business user. The dashboard & Bot analytics are very clear, even for a guy without any technical knowledge. 

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Team Lead at Tata Communications Ltd

Once you create or paste the file/folder into a specific location, it will trigger the assigned Bot for execution.

We are getting the real-time status of the Bot, indicating whether it is successfully completed or failed.

The Mail notification feature also gives us the exact route cause of Bot failure using the Error Handling feature. It also gives a Snapshot of the error.

We can easily assign roles as Bot Creator, Bot Runner, Attended, or Unattended using the Control Room. We can also create custom roles as per our or clients' requirements.

We can smoothly monitor the status of the User, Bot Status, and many other metrics using the Dashboard feature in the Control room.

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Chatbot Developer at Infosys Technologies Ltd

1. IQ Bot, Automation Lifecycle Management, Workload Management, Centralized Backup, Security & Disaster Recovery

2. Image Recognition and OCR activity

3. Drag and Drop activities eases the task to write codes.

4. Control Room is very useful for bot's activity insights

5. Easy to use activities and almost all the artifacts available in the official AA's docs and forums can solve complex codes.

6. Certification exams are too good and almost cover all the required knowledge to be sound in working with Automation Anywhere.

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Enterprise Manager of Automation at Envision Healthcare

I don't think one feature is more valuable than any other. In my opinion, the value is in the totality of the platform. It is easy to use for our developers with a well laid out UI and many canned tools. The Control Room is very easy to navigate and mostly intuitive to use. 

The AA Client is easy to install and configure. I have found it very easy to integrate into our environment. And with the right vision and direction can be used to automate very complex tasks with plus 95% reliability and uptime. 

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HR Manager at OMFYS Technologies

The most useful features of this tool are that this tool has less coding activity as compared to other tools, it has drag menus. Most Excel/VBA coding is automated in the AA tool, since, in Excel or VBA we need to do manual coding.

The following features are very valuable to us :

  • Web Recorder
  • Smart Recorder
  • Work Bench Command Library
  • Object Cloning Command
  • Business Analytics
  • Meta bot Designer
  • File or Folder Command
  • Error Handling Command
  • Control Room Administrator
  • Integrating PDF Using the PDF Command
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System Developer at PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd.

The most valuable feature is IQ Bot, as it allowed us to train it to extract important logistical information from customer PDF documents, irrespective of the format. This is valuable because not all PDF sheets have the same format. Many customers tend to use various formats to represent their data. Hence, with IQ bot, even with the wide variety of different PDF formats, the bots would still able to help us extract what we needed.

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Associate System Analyst at NSEiT Limited

The recorder feature for front end automation and email packages is the most valuable feature as it has more features and it makes the email server related tasks easier and more independent on the email client. Integration of VB, python, and java scripts help us to make our code more reliable. Excel basic and excel advanced package with increased features help us to easily automate the Excel related tasks.

PDF package is also valuable for PDF to image conversion, encryption, decryption, and merging.

OCR package is also valuable as it helps to read the contents of Image.

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Solutions Architect at Reveal Group

There are several valuable features : 

(1) Validate the data extracted from digital and scanned documents.

(2) Schedule the bots to run at specified intervals and report on the execution status.

(3) Ability to resume automation from intermediate states in case of exceptions.

(4) Ability to introduce human in loop for making decisions without requiring the mortgage application to be started again.

(5) Reporting on straight through processing, exceptions and failure.

(6) Business user friendly interface, easy-to-learn tools and availability of on-demand training for free.

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Senior Operations Specialist at HCL Technologies

I found that the REST API commands are very useful and easy to use. We use the REST API in multiple places, which saves a lot of time in terms of development as well as execution. We use the SNOW API and the TOPdesk API to create and update tickets in these apps.

Another great feature is MetaBot; when we automate web applications (mostly), after some time, the design or UI gets updated and we only have to recalibrate the bot. The bot accepts the changes and it starts to work again, which saves a lot of time for the developer and the business.

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Application Development Team Lead at Accenture

The Automation Anywhere Screen Recorder feature allows us to do things very easily. It's easy to automate regular and routine tasks. It can automate anything on your desktop screen by recording your actions or the cursor movement, so it is easy to learn and configure for any type of environment.

There are three features by which you can automate things. You also do have the console window to monitor each action the tool is performing. You can correct the code if you feel it captured some wrong action. 

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Software Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Automation Anywhere provides many features for automating processes.

1. V.11 has three different recorders but A2019 Automation Anywhere created an all-in-one recorder called Universal recorder which more reliable to use.

2. One of Automation Anywhere's best features is the IQ Bot. In V.11 we created many instances & train many groups. In A2019 Automation Anywhere updated IQ Bot to provide more accuracy. They included Python scripting for validation. Before that, we used Macro for validation.

3. Automation Anywhere provides more commands in A2019 and also provides a feature called Packages through which we can update commands that we need.

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Senior Associate at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution has really changed a lot when it comes from v11 to A360. When it was v11, then it was complete scripting, and it was not the UI, the drag and drop features that the other tools provide. You just drag an activity and drop it. It was actually scripting. So it was relatively difficult to develop a code for someone who is not very familiar with basic coding skills.

There are more valuable features with the updated solution. Now they have both the list view and the flow view. They have increased some features in terms of data types. They now have good usage of the data table and have added variable types. It's convenient.

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Solution Architect | RPA at Sutherland Global Services

The most valuable features are the IQ Bot and Process Discovery.

  1. IQ Bot - In earlier days, everyone started with RPA by mimicking the users' actions and achieved some automation expectations. But nowadays, apart from the basic action, there is a need for intelligence like Machine earning, Deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The IQ Bot accommodates such expectations. There are a lot of pre-trained workflows available and a lot of capabilities to involve users to train the model.
  2. Process Discovery - The next trend is Process discovery and it involves automating the identification of process requirements for activities and then automatically developing the workflow.
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Senior Software Engineering at JK Technosoft Limited.

1) By using Workload Management in Automation Anywhere a lot of manpower was reduced. 

2) Credential Manager used to keep customer/client information's more secure.

3) The product is dedicated to the business user and comprises advanced capabilities to offer an intuitive interface for the business user and bot developer.

4) This platform is easiest to use, avoids complexity, and ensures fast adoption & rapid deployment. 

5) It not only fulfills the requirement of the digital workforce but also be flexible to evolve with the business needs.

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Robotic Process Automation Developer at OMFYS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

I found the new feature of integrating Python and HTML the most valuable. Using this, we can get the DOMXPath dynamic for every HTML property.

On the other hand, Python scripting is very helpful nowadays. We just create a Python script and integrate it with the bot, which makes the work very easy and fast.

I like the IQ Bot very much, as most of my projects use it for invoice indexing purposes.

The recorder in the A2019 version is way ahead, as it allows us to use Chrome and other browsers to capture the object properties. 

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IBM BPM Developer with 51-200 employees

Recorders and Bot Insights are very valuable features.

In addition:

  1. Workload management helps to make the best use of the bots to make sure bots work well.
  2. Concurrent bot executions. 
  3. A web-based solution for bot creators.
  4. It is a cloud-based solution.
  5. Dashboards, especially for bot and task monitoring.
  6. The REST APIs help to integrate with other systems.
  7. Commands in the Excel package that make it easier to work with Excel files.
  8. Email package commands.
  9. Bot store.
  10. Run DLL and Python code that helps a lot in working with machine learning.
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Project Control Services Associate at Accenture

The most valuable features for us are the Image Recognition and Object Cloning. We used this feature to automate our web-based tasks with repetitive actions or complex conditions. These features are very easy to use and do not require you to have deep knowledge in programming to understand since it has a drop and drag feature used to control it. It is also very reliable in recognizing images and locating objects on a web page, client software, or local files, so we have very little hiccups in completing the tasks with the bot we have created. 

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Business Operations Associate at ZS Associates

The Capture command has been a lifesaver for me in each of my use cases and the advanced Excel functionalities like running macro, reading and manipulating data, etc. It allows the bot creator to leverage the inbuilt functionalities that AA2019 has to offer to a great extent. Also, the functionality of designing child and parent bots help me to design the process in a modular way. Additionally, the error handling capabilities of the tool has really improved the troubleshooting experience when we encounter an error.

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Technology Analyst at Infosys

Out of all the features from Automation Anywhere version 11, IQ Bot, is the most valuable feature because it helps us in the conversion of semi or unstructured data to structured data which made it possible to automate a lot of complex processes.

Other than the IQ Bot, the below commands in the task bot also shine in a very useful and reliable way:

Excel Spreadsheet Commands, Database Commands, API Integration, Credential locker management feature and Workload management feature.

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Data Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The Robotic Process Automation tool is very powerful and most useful in our organization. It has enabled our system management teams to design robots that fit most programs. Cloud operation features are very convenient and have lead to faster deployment processes. It has created a conducive collaboration feature that has led to better teamwork among our team members. The creation of most applications in our company has been done from the programming interface and they have been very effective in running our business programs.

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RPA Developer at Nine A Business Connect

Object Cloning is the most valuable feature I have found for automating a website or a process that includes multiple mouse clicks. This is something that can easily be done using the Object Cloning command.

Object Cloning can also be used to get the DOMXPath inner text of a specific object. It also helps to automate the dropdown menus and in selecting the desired value from them. It is fun to use and if used with proper technique, a user can automate a website or portal with 100% accuracy.

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Senior RPA Developer at Valleysoft

The development of the company from Automation Anywhere V11 to a2019 was valuable. I found many important and new features, like changing the way we write code and programming. It became much easier and very flexible in version 2019A. It became very easy to use and the recording was also good. Excel became very good too.

Bot Agent is the best thing that happened in this upgrade in Automation anywhere A2019.

It is easy to handle, easy to use, and fast to connect to the control room.

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Technical Specialist - Senior at HCL Technologies

The features I found valuable based on my usage are:

  • Error Handling helps to find the exact error line in the logs.
  • Email can be used to send emails to any number of users.
  • Excel advanced and basic modules help to execute most of the commands in Excel.
  • OCR captures the exact text.
  • Keystroke shortcut is used within the shortcut, like TAB or ENTER.
  • The universal recorder captures the specific options that need to be captured.
  • The mouse click option can be used to capture exact actions.
  • The delay function can be used to make applications wait for a specific time.
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Associate Director at Deloitte

I have found the below items most valuable:

  1. The ability to find objects easily through the 'Capture' option saves your time most significantly.
  2. The ability to run only a particular step, instead of running it from scratch.
  3. The ability to debug.
  4. Given that A2019 is a web application, it saves space in a significant manner.
  5. It is user-friendly and anyone can learn easily.
  6. No coding knowledge needed.
  7. The flow chart view of the steps is very easy to understand.
  8. The free learning course provided helped me a lot. I was able to better understand and also practice on my own.
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Director RPA & Automation at TaskUs

1. Screen recorder

2. AI capture

3, Ability to create custom forms and trigger another application

4. Ability to run the bot from the cloud without installing the software on our machine

5. AI sense can detect many pages inside the Citrix environment

6. I think the Citrix RDA should be universal for All Citrix environments

7. The A2019 UI layout is more user friendly

8. The recording feature where you can record multiple screens at the same time

9. MS excel functionality has lot of features in the current versions

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Data Science Intern at Deloitte

SAP GUI Integration commands are highly useful while working with SAP applications and facilitate easy use of the software. This feature has been recently incorporated within the software and we have been using it to interface with SAP systems in development as well as production. The Meta Bot feature is also highly useful where the Automation Anywhere platform is able to create scripts with inbuilt error handling capability and can perform the same function over and over without room for technical errors.

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Senior Software Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd

AA provides multiple features such as Windows actions, Database actions, Conditional Actions, Files/Folder Actions, Loop actions, Internet actions, and Clipboard actions. I have used mostly all of these features. The one feature which I found interesting is Internet actions. Compared to other RPA tools available in the market, AA is highly encrypted. On the cloud and virtual machines, it is highly scalable. Unattended automation is a key feature in AA. It serves as a tool that gets easily integrated with other platforms. Quick coding is what attracts me.

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Automation Developer at UnitedLex

The Workflow Designer helps to create the sequences and assigning end-to-end tasks.

Image Recolonization helps with scanned PDF documents, where it will identify certain clauses. Using AA validates all of the PDF documents with high accuracy and less time.

Bot Creator and Task Editor and valuable features.

IQ Bot and Meta bots are super-efficient and AA has a control room that is easy to use with lots of features.

IQ Bot helps to automate PDF and image documents.

It helps in daily reporting through email automation.

Exception handling is pretty decent and we don't have to worry about a process being stuck, as it moves to the next iteration on its own.

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Presales Solutions Architect at PT. Artapala Telekomindo (Business Partner of ESRI Indonesi

There are many features that are valuable including Whatsapp messages, OCR, and image recognization, but I have not tried all of them.

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Associate Consultant at KPMG

The most valuable feature would be ingesting data into third-party applications through seamless technology. Be it a Windows application, a web application, or a legacy tool, Automation Anywhere is able to achieve automation on these technologies seamlessly.

Another interesting feature would be the ability to massage and clean data and perform some sort of data analytics using the data, this would be very helpful when Excel-based automations are performed and the user needs to spend very little time now to verify the results.

The cloud version has been enhanced to a very great extent by being completely built from scratch and using a different technology stack altogether. The idea of going on-cloud is a very good option as it does reduce the effort for the infrastructure team to set up the environment, and this would be very helpful for the development team to seamlessly build things and deploy them.

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Solution Architect at Cognizant

The most valuable features for us are:

  1. Object cloning with an option to enter wildcard selection was very useful when working in a web application that generated dynamic HTML content.
  2. The Terminal client options have helped in automating terminal applications effectively.
  3. The Windows capturing features that allow for automating desktop applications works seamlessly compared to web application automation.
  4. Excel automation is one of the clean and very useful features that helps in reporting, as well as other Excel-related operations. Having the option of using Excel as a database helps with performing logic.
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Application Development Analyst at Accenture

1. Task Bots

2. Smart Recorder

3. Meta Bots

4. IQ bots

5. Task Cloning

6. Ease of coding with drag and drop features.

7. It has a very good analytics package.

It is one of the popular RPA vendors offering powerful & user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate any complex tasks. It is one of the "Revolutionary Technology" that changes the way the enterprise operates. This tool combines conventional RPA with intellectual elements like natural language understanding and reading any unstructured data.

Automation Anywhere allows organizations to automate the processes which are performed by humans. It is a Web-Based Management System which uses a Control Room to run the Automated Tasks. Automation Anywhere tool can automate ends to end business operations for companies.

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Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

We use the IQ Bot and Metabots extensively in almost all of our tasks. We have created the bots to consolidate reports from various resources like webpages, databases, and different message formates like PDFs, Excel, XML, and submitting them to the business owner.

Scheduling helps to generate and send reports without any delay.

We have used this functionality to automate business processes that submit the order forms in SAP for a large number of orders without any human intervention.

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Business Operations Associate at ZS Associates

The most valuable features include:

  1.  UI Automation including mouse clicks, keystrokes, opening & closing applications.
  2. The OCR package allows us to read texts from files.
  3. Excel automation can automate most of the tasks and even allows you to automate them without having the application on the system.
  4. FTP automation allows for maintaining archives on FTP, as well as placing & deleting files from the FTP server.
  5. Recording tasks with dynamic variables is helpful for web-based automation.
  6. Mail automation allows for downloading attachments and saving emails on the system.
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Lead at Aligned Automation

I like all of the features, especially the MetaBot, REST API, and SAP DLL.

We use the MetaBot to capture all of the screen contents, then if the elements are captured properly, it is fine. Otherwise, we create a custom object that acts as a click function.

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Senior Associate (RPA Developer) at Cognizant

String extraction, Excel integration, and web services are the most valuable features. Because we are using web services it is so easy to connect with third-party applications. 

Excel automation is one of the best features in Automation Anywhere. If we have to work with multiple excel sheets with lots of rows and columns, it gets really difficult to keep track of this is done manually. But Automation Anywhere makes it really simple and error-free. 
Email automation is another command which is really good and time-saving. If we have to send out emails to a group and if it is everyday job, AA is very helpful

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Sap Sales Distribution Consultant at Accenture

The most valuable features are Screen Recordings, Smart Recordings, Task Bots, and IQ Bot. I was really impressed with how MetaBots work. I really like Screen Recording because it is used to record a task or a series of actions. It was running an automated process on the same computer that was recorded.

Web Recorder is an awesome option. The way it automates processes (tasks) that involve a web application or a browser, is very good.

Image Recognition is also an important feature. It checks for an existing image within another image. It is a beautiful feature, as it specifies the minimum percentage match for the image captured.

We can quickly and effectively drag and drop commands, which is helpful. It has a clean and friendly interface.

It is easy to integrate with other systems and it plays nice with them. Users are able to create automated processes that utilize all of the lines of the business system, without a single group.

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Senior Project Engineer at Bradsol - Brad Contech Solutions

In V10 and V11, most of the Windows and web-based commands are helpful. We mostly use the Database commands in order to make the process faster and more secure, rather than using Excel or a CSV for reading the input files.

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President at PAVAJ LLC

A 2019 dual-mode is very useful and the Control room type of setup for use of A2019 Client is very useful as it eliminates disconnection issues. Also, the broad range of Commands and elimination of the need for Metabots is also very helpful in Automating the increased number of variable types cover an expanded range of web and window components. 

Bot insights and IQ bots are both valuable features if implemented in a cost-effective way for larger enterprises, Bot insights provide analytical details of the ROI that is generated by running bots and IQ bots help to automate document processing in an intelligent way minimizing the cost of document processing and hence saving a lot of employee time and money for any enterprise with a large volume of pdf data.

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Senior Software Engineer at Thirdware Solution Ltd.

There are many valuable features in this product. The OCR for character recognition has helped a lot during the invoice processing and billing, as there are some parts of the documents which are handwritten.

The scheduling of bots is also very important. No matter where you are, you need not be physically present for running the bot at that particular time.

Error handling plays an important role when you schedule a bot because if you are not physically present and something happens, you need to know what has gone wrong. 

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Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I find the graphic user interface and ease of usability to be the most valuable feature.

The wide range of functions and drag and drop workflow designer makes it easy to learn and work on, for both developers and business users. Being completely web-based makes it even easier and more comfortable to work on, for everyone. From a personal experience, I could learn and start building RPA bots using automation anywhere community edition in less than one month due to the good quality training material available at AA university and the use of usability.

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Associate Consultant at Capgemini

We use AA Client, Bot runners, Control room, IQ Bot, Bot insights. With the AA Client, we are able to automate almost all kinds of automation requirements without any big challenges. We found the availability of the number of commands provided by AA is really helpful to do automation within a small time frame. We used IQ Bot to extract information from the structured documents and we achieved better accuracy with IQ Bot for field extraction and we did the process in less time compared to manual efforts thanks to AA providing such a business-centric solution.

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Manager - Digital Strategy at WorleyParsons

We have used almost all the features of AA - IQ Bot is no doubt the most useful one for us. Task Bot & Meta bot forms the baseline and is used extensively for most of the use cases. Also, we were able to deploy composite solutions .NET + AA to achieve greater benefits. We have also purchased some other Digital Tools to help us with OCR, these tools have inbuilt Machine Learning capability which makes it easier for us to extract the components from the P&Id's which is an essential part of our pre-processing. Task Bot completed their job of creating the post workflow seamlessly.

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Application Development Associate at Accenture

Easy to use, high scalability, password security features, easy access, etc. There is no coding knowledge required which helped us a lot because many other automation tools require good coding knowledge to develop a bot. 

The password security feature helped in securing the passwords. Implementing the bot is so easy that our new joiner also can learn it within weeks. It helped us in testing the application end to end without any errors. Record and playback features helped in making our work less and efficient.

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Product Manager at Thirdware Solution Ltd.

The most advanced command options with a wide range of variants are really good to use and they cover almost all of the information silos. 

Every command has its own purpose and usage, which helps with any use case that comes as a process. We are able to achieve the same without any hindrance or impediment. 

With Discovery Bot, we can even have our business people enabled with process finding and do an evaluation on whether it can be converted into an opportunity.

A wide range of variable data types in A2019 is a good feature to have.

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Analyst at Deloitte

The code history functionality is the most valuable feature, although this could be improved upon with better tracing abilities and UI changes.

Overall, the commands provided have enough range to complete almost any task, with creative out-of-the-box thinking required sometimes for workarounds.

The simplicity and base nature of the commands are where the value lies; in combination, the variables, error handling, if/else, loop, etc, can produce significantly variable codes.

None of the commands are unique to Automation Anywhere, which allows beginners to leverage external knowledge.

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RPA Program Manager at Raksha Technologies Private Limited

The most valuable feature is recording in the Control Room, as it allows me to chose what I want to have recorded, ensuring that I get the right thing on time.

All of the options are available in the control room and with the search capability, even a person who is not from a computer background can easily create bots.

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Software Engineer at Capgemini

Within less time than it used to take, we can automate a complete Apex task. Being able to do this is how we managed to win the work for our client. The client was amazed and suggested the solution throughout the organization.

Complex tasks can be automated easily and reliably.

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Application Support Associate at Accenture

I like all of the product features, but I mostly like to work with IQ Bots because they have cognitive automation capabilities. We simply train the Bot by uploading sample files, and it then begins classifying, processing, and extracting the data within a short span of time. We can easily train the bot to extract the required fields, and we are processing tons of invoices using IQ Bot in a fraction of the time. This has saved our company lots in terms of both costs and manpower.

Working with Automation Anywhere is very easy in my environment. The automation is built with easy workflows and commands, which are user-friendly, even for people without a programming background.

The biggest advantage that Automation Anywhere provides is the Bot Store, where we search the existing bots and download relevant ones for our own use. These are very helpful in our automation because they are done very fast and deploy in a short time.

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Technical Architect at MindTree

The tool feature I found the most valuable is Metabot, as we can include the DLLs that are proprietary written code in .NET or other technologies.

Apart from the functionality, their working model and support are good.

Most of the tool's capabilities and features are very good in terms of architecture. It is easily understandable and very well structured. It is the most promising tool in the market, so it is helpful in attracting customers by demoing the already implemented Bots.

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Director intelligent automation at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The features that help us satisfy the needs of the customer to overcome mundane activities using task bots and meta bots are the most valuable along with the rich controls in the control room. The developer team is able to capture all the necessary steps without much hassle with the visual designer and the ability to test each step of automation has helped in delivering error-free automation to our customer. With the new version of AA, we have more control over the implementation and we are able to quickly deploy the solutions to the customer.

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Senior RPA consultant at RPATech

The following features are best in the Automation Anywhere tool:

Automation Anywhere offers the capability of integrating the DLL files with meta bot and hence the developer can use DLL files to connect to applications likes Outlook, SAP, etc.

Automation Anywhere offers the best tool in the market for extracting information from PDF and is called IQ bot. IQ bot is built on machine learning and natural language processing. It helps users to create layouts for the pdf and then process the similar format pdf in one go.

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Associate Systems Analyst at NSEiT Limited

The features I found most valuable are:

  1. PDF Integration Commands: It is easy to extract text from PDF files in two ways, plain text and structured text. Automated password protected files, as well.
  2. FTP Commands: I found it very easy to automate processes where I have to extract, upload, and rename files on the SFTP server for my process.
  3. Error Handler: One of the most valuable features is the error handler, as this command has helped me design bots that can handle multiple errors and exceptions.
  4. Object Cloning Features: This is one of the most reliable features provided by Automation Anywhere.
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Information Technology Specialist at RBC

Brings business process automation and this helps in scaling our operations and ensuring that we are able to work 24/7, thus improving our productivity.

It has brought artificial intelligence and this allows us to improve our planning and decision-making process, ultimately growing our company and the way we execute our workflow.

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Technical Support Engineer at Wipro Limited

It is very difficult to pin down one valuable feature because each and every one of them is valuable in its own way.

I find that IQ Bot is the most amazing feature, as it helps us to work more efficiently with business documents.

Object Cloning is another good feature that helps us to save time.

Metabot is another valuable feature that exists in AA.

PDF integration is another important feature that avoids using IQ bots, and using the OCR helps us to extract text from an image.

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Director, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The platform is amazing. One of the things that we were worried about when we initially started looking into RPA was having the right people to be able to cope. The advantage of Automation Anywhere is that you don't necessarily have to come from a programming background. It's very easy to pick up. Within the team, we were able to train people within a very short period of time and start our process in as little as two months.

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Senior Software Engineer at Thirdware Solution Ltd.

IQ Bot is the most important feature and it has been extensively used by our clients. With all of the new features of IQ bot, I feel it is the most utilized component of Automation Anywhere.

The scheduling/triggering of the bots from the CR, without going to the actual environment and starting the bot, is an interesting feature.

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Lead Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the task bots because we found that cognitive functionality can be improvised.

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Director Of Services at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Automation Anywhere is stable, scalable, and easy to use. 

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Manager - Engineering, Automation CoE at KPMG

The most valuable feature so far is Task bot deployment. We hope to expand to IQ Bot this year.

Automation Anywhere's interaction with Excel is a key benefit.

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Senior Analyst at Capgemini

The most valuable feature is PDF automation, where we can automate templated PDFs with almost 100% accuracy.

DOMX path support for identifying the web elements is helpful.

The Control room features, such as pooling devices, Queues, and the secure environment, are also valuable.

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Senior RPA Developer at Yantrik

Metabots and IQ bots.

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Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers

 AI and ML integrations are also easy to apply, as well as cognitive features.

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SW/App/Cloud Analyst at Accenture

The most valuable features are the Secure Credential Vault, Email automation, and the REST API. These commands have reduced the number of lines of code.

The script/task command has helped with modularization.

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Data Science Consultant (Intern) at WNS Global Services

The features that I find most valuable are:

  1. There isn't much scripting.
  2. It is easy to learn and implement.
  3. No prior programming knowledge required to learn and develop.
  4. On the server-side, multiple developers working on a single project can save their individual works and have them stored in a single repository.
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Senior Program Analyst at WNS Global Services

The most valuable feature is the conversion of PDF Invoices to CSV and to PDF Boxes.

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Manager, Health Care Consulting at RSM US LLP

I haven't done anything fancy yet, but the basics work for me for now.

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Application Development Lead at Accenture
  • Control Room 
  • Bot Creation 
  • Logging Scheduling Task 
  • Trigger for Monitoring.
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Team Lead at Accenture

MetaBot is one of the most useful features. 

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IT Operations Associate at Accenture

SMART Automation Technology is the most valuable feature.

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