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Top 8 Server Virtualization Services

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    The feature that I have found most valuable is the redundancy, the failover solution. We have multiple servers running and there is no downtime. When one VM, virtual machine, is having an issue, it will automatically go to another host on the cluster. The clustering failover is the main advantage.

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Timothy Dollimore - PeerSpot reviewer
Timothy Dollimore
Hi professionals, Has anyone heard about any successful virtualisation of Sun Enterprise 450 (E450) hardware?  We are running a software package on Solaris 2.6 & Oracle 7 DIMM and mirror disk failures are becoming more frequent. So just wondering if there's anything out there? Thanks for y...
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Syed Abid Hussain - PeerSpot reviewer
Syed Abid HussainSun is offering server virtualization capabilities across all its hardware… more »
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