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Converged Infrastructure Software Reviews

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Oracle Exalogic [EOL]: Software
AGM at Tech Valley Networks Limited

In the context of ACI, it is scalable. You can add anything from a quarter rack or half rack to a full rack, etc. It is scalable in terms of computing and in terms of storage as well. However, if you think about ACI, Hyper-converged network and some of the solutions like VxFlex and software-defined storage and VMware, it's not that flexible. The level of scalability depends on the conversion with other products.

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HPE ConvergedSystem: Software
Director at ISA

Our first customer evaluated Nutanix and Converged before going with Converged. HP has an advantage because they have hardware and Nutanix is software. That's the reason the customer preferred to make the fusion with the hardware because it reduced the overhead of the processing. Secondly, HP enables a backup in the same solution, and with Nutanix you have to integrate another product from another software and another vendor. 

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Dell EMC VxBlock System: Software
Architect at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We evaluated hosted cloud options from several suppliers and also some other hyper-converged solutions. That said, we decided, from a cost perspective, it made more sense to run the VxBlock. It was more cost-effective than having a hosted cloud platform. It also provided us with more flexibility because some of our platforms were not suited to run on hosted cloud environments, where you don't have access to the virtualization layer and the virtualization software. When we ran our own private cloud on the VxBlock, we had the ability to interface directly into the virtualization platform, which was a requirement for some of our applications.

We didn't choose a hyper-converged platform at that point in time as the VxBlock provided a better performing platform. We could obtain high throughput, through the VxBlock, than what the hyper-converged solutions could give us at that stage.

We deemed Dell to be the leader in the market. They were the first to enter the market with a converged platform. And I think they'd more of a market presence at that point in time than anybody else.

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Senior System Administrator at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

It is a good product, but for us, it is like a black box. We are not really sure about its internal components, and how to do the terminal upgrade, and how to make sure about the security of the device. We understand how it works, but in order to do the upgrades, we have to get help from the company. We cannot do it ourselves. In another model that we had, the internal team could do the upgrade but not in this one. There is no clear process for a new upgrade or update. They should provide a software intelligence tool that has a dashboard where you can see the current firmware, the latest firmware, and the documentation and the process for the upgrade. 

For VxBlock, we have different management consoles. There is no single management console that you can use to manage all components inside VxBlock. Their scale up and scale out process is also not clear. Their support is also a little bit slow in responding to the cases.

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General Manager -Enterprise Technical Solution at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The cost of the license varies based on the kind of software and the components you are using. It's a subscription mainly for the software that runs on the VxBlock hardware. If the software says that the subscription has expired, then you have to renew it. So basically, if the customer is running Oracle, they have to renew Oracle, but they have to renew VMware subscription licenses if they're running VMware. So the cost is dependent on that. We have customers running VMware, Microsoft, etc. So it varies from customer to customer.

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Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Software
Oracle Technical Architect at UKCloud Ltd

The main advantage of the PCA is licensing, for Oracle Database. It's the main reason why companies decide to deploy the PCA, or the software it runs (OVS, OVMM). On the PCA you also have live migration, which is a huge plus.

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Dell PowerEdge VRTX: Software
Project manager at Mustafa Sultan Office Technology Co. LLC

This solution is good but, with multiple Chassis, it would be a good thing to have one console for management and integration with utilization software.

In the next release, I would like to see some auto-tiering features. There are other enterprise storage solutions that have them included.

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Software Engineer at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees

We are renewing the support and we are purchasing the license for the software.

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Founder and Senior Consultant at Infrascope Technologies

From a hardware perspective, it's interesting. The selling point of VRTX is that everything is built-in. For a small company that doesn't have a server room or the capabilities of hosting several servers, VRTX has four blades. The equivalent in regular server models would be four servers, which is a minimum of 4U, but it could easily be 8U, and then it would have storage. The storage is included inside the enclosure, and it would require a storage unit. It would also require connectivity, which would be ethernet or another protocol switch. 

From a software perspective, it's a little bit more integrated. You have an integrated way of managing the whole thing, including storage and networking. It has an internal network that can also be useful. I know for a fact that Dell is almost fazing out the product, and it is not that available anymore because it will just cannibalize their sales. They want to sell the more expensive stuff.

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Oracle SuperCluster: Software
Service Support Specialist at PRASA

In terms of stability, the hardware of the solution is stable but on the software level we've had some problems. They deal with any issues very quickly. 

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IT Technology Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

We cannot survive without Oracle's support. You are in an Oracle box made by Oracle, that can only be fixed by Oracle.

You don't have the freedom to go outside of Oracle's control.

The technical support is good. For both hardware and software, it's very good.

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Dell EMC Vscale Architecture: Software
Solution Architect at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

My customers procure the HCI boxes from Dell. They deploy it in their data center and then we plan the solution and design or configure the network-based upon how many PLR's and how much storage we need for the Vscale setup. Then we create all the storage-related configuration software policies for networking. We usually use NSX and then we have a different setup. If we are using ACI Cisco it's also a different setup. So we configure it based on company to company. Some of the cases we have configured are portals. In some cases, we use API to provide detailed automated deployment. We have other tools that we use to automate end to end deployment.

The use cases of HCI or even Vscale Architecture are predominantly the areas where the customer has an edge data center or an extended data center where they don't want to set up end to end distributors or fabric costs or to set up network fabric using LTL server switching. We configure the aggregation layer before we sell, plug the plugin distributed cables, manage the networking independently, start it independently, and compute it independently. We use it in the use case when the customer wants an agile type of environment where they can plug and play and get it with a box and a small data center from edge locations. It is for customers who are leveraging IoT of IG setup who have edge data centers and want to be agile and less prone to human errors.

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IBM PurePower System: Software
Head of IT Infrastructure Division at ADM

I would like to see an improvement in the management of the solution. The management is really difficult when it comes to systems with traditional services. It is much faster if we manage everything in our infrastructure. So, today we are looking for a smart solution with AI, for example, to get the maximum automation. That is why we choose the converged system or a hyper-converged system. And, of course, we are willing to try some software-defined networks for the data center, App Dynamics, for monitoring application. 

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