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Micro Focus SiteScope logo Micro Focus SiteScope: AIOps
David Collier - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder at Nobius IT

Sitescope is a very useful solution for agentless monitoring. I must emphasize 'agentless' as this is its biggest advantage as well as disadvantage. Sitescope makes it easy to monitor key aspects of performance, availability, and capacity by collecting metrics.

The aim of Sitescope is to help reduce downtime and provide information to help maintain performance. It does this reasonably well.

Sitescope though is better thought of as a component within a wider Micro Focus-based ITOM/AIOPS solution rather than as a solution in itself.

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Dynatrace logo Dynatrace: AIOps
Michael Akers - PeerSpot reviewer
Monitoring Services Manager at Vitality Corporate Services Limited

The key feature that stands out is being able to track real users within our website. We can feed this back to the developers and project teams, shaping what we develop next. This allows us to be proactive.

The AI capabilities are very good. This allows us to automate what we call AIOps. Any incident or alert raised from Dynatrace automatically goes into our ITSM tool. This saves a lot of money, probably $30,000 to $40,000 a year.

We have the Kubernetes module enabled. We can track pods, namespaces, and the performance of them. Dynatrace's functionality in this area is very impressive. It allows us to see the pure topology of our infrastructure and how the microservices interact. It also gives us a one-stop shop for checking the health of Kubernetes.

We offer Dynatrace as a service. Anyone in the business can use it. So, management is pretty easy.

We use the Dynatrace AI to assess impact. Because it links to real users, it is generally pretty correct in terms of when it raises an incident. We determine the severity by how many users it is affecting, then we use it as business justification to put a priority on that alert.

We use the solution’s real user monitoring, Session Replay, and synthetic monitoring functionalities. We use synthetic monitoring for reporting to get a definitive answer if anything is up or down. We will use sessions to check the health of our website and measure user experience. We also use it for feedback on a release and how it is affecting our end users. We use Session Replay to investigate issues that our users are experiencing.

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Associate Consultant at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

Support for cloud-based environments needs to be improved. There is a challenge when it comes to monitoring cloud-native applications. This means that we have to use other tools that we integrate with Dynatrace. If there were another approach to monitoring things automatically then it would be a fantastic feature to add.

Some of the results that we were being given by the AI engine were not a proper output based on what the data input was.

These days, we are seeing that AIOps is becoming more predominant. As such, I would like to see more of the features in Dynatrace, expanding it from a purely monitoring solution into a full-fledged AIOps solution.

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Datadog logo Datadog: AIOps
Software Engineer at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees

I primarily prefer to utilize the profiling and tracing feature. It can potentially be used as a more-informed alternative to logs.

Beyond that, anything I've wanted to do, I found a way to get it done through Datadog. It allows for testing, logging, hardware monitoring, system performance, memory consumption, advanced observability, AI assistance, cross-team collaboration, and business analytics. Datadog helps some of the world’s biggest brands transform faster with the help of true AIOps, AI-assisted answers, UX and business analytics, cloud observability, and smart AI assistance.

It's all supporting my desire to build a great application, and in a centralized SaaS application, it's hard to say anything can beat it.

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Elastic Observability logo Elastic Observability: AIOps
Subramani K - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Architect at HCL Technologies

Elastic Observability is an excellent product for monitoring and visibility, but it lacks predictive analytics. Most solutions are aligned with the AIOps requirements, but this piece is missing in Elastic and should be included.

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