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All-Flash Storage Arrays Veeam Reviews

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Pure Storage FlashArray logo Pure Storage FlashArray: Veeam
General Manager at PRACSO S.R.L.

I like FlashArray's ActiveCluster as well as its snapshot and cloning capabilities. The performance is extremely good. They have a complete replication set, including near-zero RTO and zero RPO. FlashArray integrates with all the new microservices technologies. It integrates with many products like Oracle, Cisco, Veeam, and Rubrik. 

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HPE Nimble Storage logo HPE Nimble Storage: Veeam
Head Of Information Technology at Zambia National Building Society

It’s an excellent solution. The failure rates are minimal.

It’s easy to set up.

It's a very easy solution. Whenever I have a question, I find they have already provided a solution for it. For example, I want to sort out backups so that I offload some data off the Nimble since I don't want online to be clogged. They'll tell you we've got storage which is where you write your backup, which one is a partner where you can back up this information, get Veeam to store the backup, and then you can configure and send it to the storage if I want to run high availability.

They have really thought through their solution. They've covered everything.

Even their support is great. We have a support contract, so when there's an escalation on the system, you even see an email from them telling you that you have this issue. They do respond quickly and help you resolve your daily from the log. They’ll say: “This is the issue. Do this.” It's so easy to work with.

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NetApp EF-Series All Flash Arrays logo NetApp EF-Series All Flash Arrays: Veeam
Manager, Cloud workload Migration & Onboarding Lead at Globe Telecom

When you are dealing with a virtual machine or on-premise, one of the in-demand storage is NetApp. Veeam is also compatible with NetApp, you will not have any concern, it is a total package. 

I rate NetApp EF-Series All Flash Arrays a nine out of ten.

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Zadara logo Zadara: Veeam
CTO at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is the different tiers of storage, as it allows us to do some nice bespoke things. Depending on what the customer wants to do, we can provide those three different tiers of storage. This is good because we can be competitive with the pricing so that we're not overselling the high-end storage every time.

A nice feature is the immutable object storage, which can be used in conjunction with Veeam. This was something that they brought out more than a year ago and is quite nice, in particular for our customers who are using our Backup as a Service. This is a USP that we have at the moment.

The ability to take almost instant snapshots is very attractive for us because we are able to expand. Currently, we have one cluster in our data center and we're going to build out a second multi-zone environment in another data center. The snapshots are attractive because we've got very high-speed, dark fiber between those two locations. It means that we can do almost real-time replication between Zadara centers, which will allow us to create some really nice solutions for our customers, particularly for disaster recovery.

It is important that Zadara supports multiple protocols, although, for some of our customers, it's completely over their heads. From the cloud engineers' perspective, it is very important because they are able to architect the solutions in the way that they wish. I wouldn't necessarily say that it is a key USP when we go to customers, however.

It is an advantage that this product integrates with all of the public cloud providers and private clouds, although it isn't the highest thing on our priority list.

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