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IBM FlashSystem logo IBM FlashSystem: Specs
Moahmed Nabil - PeerSpot reviewer
Infrastructure Solutions Architect at areebah

IBM has some features that don't exist in other brands. External virtualization, for example—Dell EMC has the same feature, but it's applied differently. IBM's approach is to make it usable in many different scenarios so that the customer can work with multiple vendors under the IBM controller. Dell EMC can't do that. The external virtualization stacks with Dell EMC, and the features stack to every box. If I have a main box with high specs and I virtualize another box with minimum specs, that means I'm stuck with the minimum specs. With IBM, if I'm working with the virtualization engine with higher specs, I get the benefits from these higher specs, even if the virtualized box has minimum specs.

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HPE Primera logo HPE Primera: Specs
Irakli Jojua - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The initial installation, setup, and deployment were simple for Primera, versus other hyper-converged infrastructure.

HP Enterprise, simply with your Dell Technologies VxRail and HCI solutions, has done its job very well job, because you can deploy and start up your services and your new infrastructure in one or two days. One day for checking the specs and one day for deploying the whole infrastructure. This is because the solution is inside of the solution. Meaning the virtualization is already pre-installed, and they have already done the job.

Each customer is looking for high-end solutions. They may decide to purchase the Primera solution partly because of its installation and deployment. If it takes two days as is the case for HCI and three days in the case of Primera, there is no problem for the customer. It depends on the customer and their mindset.

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