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RPA Testing Guide and Strategy

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is earning well-deserved plaudits for speeding up manual processes across a wide range of workflows. The benefits of RPA is growing as many top RPA tools, like UiPath and Automation Anywhere, are pushing the technology in the direction of increasingly becoming part of the testing landscape and expanding the ROI for RPA. The ability of a software robot to “think” like a person makes it a useful addition to the software and system testing suite along with many other use cases. RPA users on IT Central Station reveal as much in their product reviews. RPA testing methodology can be a meaningful element of a testing program. The robots themselves require testing, too, so some RPA reviews on IT Central Station focus on how to test RPA.

According to Kamal G., a Software Engineer In Test at CenturyLink, the major telecom provider, UiPath’s OCR and text validation features help his team save time on manual tasks. As he put it, “We have a system to create multiple orders to perform automation testing. Here, UiPath helps us to create a bunch of orders without the hassle of creating a separate automation suite for this need.” For a Senior Systems Analyst RPA who uses Kryon at a large hospitality company, RPA made it “easy to move things through testing and into production.” He added, “From a development standpoint, it is a pretty streamlined, straightforward process.”

RPA Testing Strategy

RPA testing strategies focus on ensuring a smooth implementation, which can include: defining requirements and workflow, workflow testing (including exceptions), managing exceptions, compatibility with systems, auditing outcomes, and bot monitoring.

Strategies vary amongst IT Central Station members. In general, however, RPA testing strategies revolve around the technology’s potential to automate the testing process, reduce human errors in testing and remove tedium from the process. The following comments highlight how RPA users are bringing these strategies to life:

  • Automating the testing process. "One way Kryon improves the way our company functions is in testing,” said a Director of Information Management and Development at a financial services firm with over 500 employees. He then added, “Previously, we didn't have full coverage and we couldn't run a full regression day by day, or after major activities such as updates. We had to do it all manually and we didn't feel confident. Now, it's a completely different thing. We're trying to build a strong regression area where we can run a full regression of all our systems by clicking a button.”
  • Reducing human error.For Richard A., a Consultant RPA Developer at a large tech company, UiPath “has definitely eliminated human error in our internal process, somewhere between full production, deployment and testing.” He further shared that “there were definitely some error prone tasks that we eliminated. If I had to give a ball park, maybe 10 to 20 percent of the process was error prone, which we were able to resolve with UiPath.” A Consultant who uses UiPath similarly noted, “The solution has helped us eliminate human error with 100 percent testing and accuracy. This is only where there are exceptions, which generally tends to be under five percent of the time. We have seen ROI from this solution. We saw it almost immediately in regards to performance benefits around accuracy, timeliness, and the ability to do 100 percent testing.”
  • Removing tedium from testing. Testing can be tedious, especially when it involves manually preparing test data. RPA can alleviate this problem, as a UiPath user at a small financial services firm found. He said, “UiPath has helped to automate tedious data-filling jobs for test data creation (Testing), and data extraction jobs from public websites (HR). It has added a new capability which we can showcase to our clients.” He added, “Data Scraping is definitely a unique and useful feature that we had not known about before.”
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